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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by brian hobo, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. yeah, like the topic says. i really like my room, i've collected some cool stuff over the years. its fun to hang out in with some buddies or just to lay down in when you're stoned. some things i really like...

    -tv with vcr
    -stash clock on shelf
    -abstract piece on the wall
    -picture of parents on wall (they're divorced)
    -rocking chair
    -longboard behind rocking chair
    -a crapload of posters
    -clock radio to play cds
    -my comfy couch
    -moose head above couch
    -christmas/tube lights on wall and above closet
    -incense and candles on dresser
    -buddha statue on dresser
    -"no fat chicks" sign on door handle

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  2. Mines a little messy so i only took a few pictures and i know your jealous of my avril post!(no i dont listen to her music)

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  3. this mask reminds me of the one on your wall brian hobo. Well except that this one is buddah, but it still reminds me of yours.

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  4. i really like your room Brian! it looks really warm and comfy :)
  5. i have a lot of crap and my room is hot and i cant stand it ...im nto in it much...i should clean it :(..

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  6. thanks guys. its small, but gets the job done :)
  7. oh come on...you gotta comment on allmy guitars...look at them all!!!!:mad:....i want a room justl ike yours..i think img onan make mine look liek that...:D im gonan copy the hell out of your room
  8. i meant my room was small. yours is messy as hell haha. i usually have a plate and some soda cans laying around but nothing like your room. nice guitars. i play drums, i would have had my set in my room but theres no place. nice hat, too.
  9. its a cock hat :D

    im gonna go clean my room now :(

  10. that is supremely charming :p :rolleyes:
  11. i clean my room..it looks awesome now :D im glad i came across this thread

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  12. Hmm... i dont have a pick of my room.
    Its light grey mostly, walls and rug, with a black ceiling and maroonish bed and window thing. Its kinda dark, but im not a goth or anything =/
    I had gay stars on my cieling, but i took them off, because they were gay.

    Its not as cool as my old room, which was like 20 times longer than it was wide, and the cieling sloped downward, and it only reached halfway across to the other wall so i could look down into the other room. and i had my own staircase and their was a skylight.

  13. i used to have those glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling, too. they looked really cool when you were high and all the lights were off. i had them for so long, they dont glow anymore.
  14. they dont look so cool when youre sober and have all the lights on, specially on a black cieling cuz you can see them but they dont glow
  15. i found someting better then the glow in the dark stars glow pens. I found it at a store around holloween in the holoween section and its a glow in the dark gell thet dries like glue. I made small dots all over my celing with one one pen and i now have 150+ stars. Its awsome to lay and stare at them. i just tried to take a pic with my digi but it dosent pick them up because it cant focus on them.
  16. my little set up.

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  17. You know, those were origionally used to play music. Now apparently the tastes are changed and beats comprised of nail scratching blackboard type sounds are made from the devices.

    Run on sentences, hell yeah!

  18. at least you have good taste in tables...... older tech 12 modles if im correct.....
  19. luke you dont smoke weed at all.
  20. thats right i win luke. lol

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