picture of my possible setup for growing

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  1. Here is where I am at so far...


    The power strip has four 23w 6500k CFL's which amounts to 92w total. The pot is 12". As the plant grows I will lower the pot with smaller boxes. I also have two clip-on lamps that are not in the pictures and I will clip them onto the sides of the bucket to provide light from at the sides of the plant.

    During the flowering stage I will swap out the four 6500k CFL's with four 2700k CFL's. I'm thinking I will then put two 6500k CFL's into the two clip-on lamps to provide some "daylight" at the sides of the plant. I've seen some other people do this and it seems to have provided some excellent results.

    Does this look OK? I'm really excited. My seeds "should" be here by the end of the week as long as USPS doesn't f it up for me. :hello:
  2. im no expert but to me it looks alright

    my only worry is that your pot wont be big enough

    I've heard that for every foot you want it to grow you should do a gallon. I.E. you want a 3 foot plant you need a 3 gallon pot

    peace man

    ps - just one plant?

  3. A 12" pot was 5 gallons I thought??? It sure seems big to me. I really wanted a 10" pot but I could not find any other than clay ones. I wanted to stick with plastic because they have more holes in the bottom.

    Yes I am growing one plant to start out with. I also don't intend on this plant to get any bigger than 3 feet.
  4. Put a gallon jug of milk next to that pot. Now imagine 5 of them.

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