Picture of bids flowering anyone?

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  1. Anyone have a picture of their buds in two weeks of 12/12? I want to compare to my buds to see if my hermi is mostly male or mostly female. I'm pretty sure it's mostly male but I just wanna check. If it is male I'm killing that shit. So please let me know if you got a pic and post it. Thank you
  2. I have pics in my sig just read my thread.
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    God damn those are some danks. Let me see if I can get a better pic of the cola and tell me if u or anyone this I should scrap this one.
  4. Ok here's a few of the best I could get. My cell phone camera is not that great I guess.

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  5. And some more from my iPad camera....

    Idk if any of them help...

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  6. Here we goo. Ok much better pics let me know if I should just kill it or if I should hold out a little longer.
  7. Forgot the pics.

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  8. Looks to me like ur fixin to have a shit load of pollen in ur space i would cut that fucker u could try pullin sacs with tweezers but that just seems a little to labor intensive for me. If i see a single sac i cut that bitch down with a vengance. Then i threaten the other ones by showing them my scissors haha
  9. He's dead. Chopped up in a million little pieces. Now should I clean the inside of my tent? If so with what? Isopropyl alc? I would love to be able to take it outside and spray it down but I live in the city and can not do that.
  10. Well if u didnt have any pollen sacs bust dont worry about it but u could be extra safe and just wipe it down with water and a rag the water will kill the pollen.
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    Well none of them bursted open but when I was taking them off before I decided to kill it some of the juice got on my gloves and what not so like I think the pollen is there but only small amounts. I'm gunna clean it in the morning before I go see the BRUINS DOMINATE PHILA!

  12. Haha good stuff man happy growing

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