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  1. Well Ive been posting a fair bit so I thought I should get a camra so I could show you guys what Im doing. lol... First Ill tell you a bit about my setup..

    I bought my seeds through Buy Dutch seeds. Ice was my final choice. I got 10 seeds for $$60 After shipping cost. All seeds germinated great. I started them in rockwell cubes. With 1 4 foot floro 24 hrs. Once there were lots of roots showing I moved them into cups. I lost more then half of my plants to my cats. I had 2 left and one turned out to be male so I got stuck with 1 plant and I cloned it. Now my mother has been in flower for 4 weeks and Im cloning from the 2 clones now. My goal now is to do a see of green. I am using 1 400 watt hps for flowering and just floros for veg. I am hoping to get another 400 watt mh for veg soon...

    Hope you like the pics

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  2. Get some bloom on that sucker so it can fill out faster, you got a good 3-4 weeks left to get some weight on, suggest you get a dowel to keep it up, stem seems rather thin
  3. I have been using some kind of blooming neuts but I think its the wrong kind so im gettin some new stuff today. Any other replys would be great!!!!

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