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  1. for some stupid reason this site is not letting me post pictures. its telling me it failed to upload because the file size is too large? wtf? how do you guys get your pics to post?
  2. Try posting one at a time.. works for me.
  3. it may not be saved correctly, save it as a .jpg and resize if its too big
  4. Well, how big is the file size?

    Just resize it like they said.
  5. probably a dumb question but how do you resize them? I am pretty stoned so i cant seem to figure it out
  6. Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos, images, or pictures online for FREE!

    800x600 is a standard size and helps those without broadband and shows consideration for the site server in lieu of a big load of massive images. I personally don't read posts with a slew of huge images that take forever to load even with broadband.

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