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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Cats, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. can you beleive this!!
    its only 5" tall and started to flower
    into a freggin male.

    what the f*** caused that?
    light 21/3
    8000 lumens floro full spectrum
    45 days old, had nute burn, flushed, struggle, struggle.!

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  2. aarg

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  3. oh well, who ever say growing MJ was eazy!
    my marigolds and Panzy's, and sunflower's are a heck of a lot easier!!

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  4. haha i don know much... currently on my first grow... but i have done allot of research and iv come to the coonclusion that that sucks that sucks allot sory
  5. Thats wierd
  6. its like a banzi mary jane tree
  7. i would say its a learning thing and you musta learnt something...well you got a grow under youre belt anyway..but yeh that does suck....

    laters jay
  8. might be a reli of lowrider......lol.......better now than later...

    ive got a boy smaller hes only 3 weeks old....you must a had a happy plant.....

  9. what strain?

    i've heard from an experienced grower in England that he's had some haze verieties, start to flower when they were really young

    only other possibility i can think of is stress........

    like highgurly said, look at this way, at least you know now, than another 4 weeks down the line.......!

    good luck on the next grow...........Peace out...........Sid
  10. hi sid...my bag seed plants i got on the go now are showing sex at 3-4weeks under veg lighting :)

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