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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. keep an eye at and then click to the bourbocam.
  2. Blades Busting Loose on Bourbon at 11!! LMAO :smoking:
  3. OK now so which ones are ya'all? :D

    OK nm i just figured out you guys are meeting later tonite?
    if i am not too stoned & don't forget, i will be watching youuuu so grin and wave @ the camera ;P

    and AW MAN i am so jealous i wish i could meet you, friends!
    have a great time and smoke it up for the rest of us :)
  4. lol i absolutely miscalculated which time zone they're in and have been watching this thing forever :D
  5. critter i'm so glad you're back :D
    i haven't seen 'em have you??
  6. i dont see anyone who might be blazed......
    but they are still photos so i dont know....
  7. LOL critter, you may be right!
    11:07 that dude in the USA shirt DOES look like he's holding a glass bong :D

    yeah you stoners are in deep shit when ya get back :D
  8. that glass bong is one of those giant cup thingys.... ive been decieved......
  9. ima wait around a while and watch i got nuthin better to do.....
  10. yeah same here, nothin to do, extremely stoned, i'll mail myself a pic if i think i see him for ya critter, k?
  11. OMG Theres wayyyy to many police

    all I see is

    Cab...police....police police

  12. LMFAO!!!!!!!

    all I'M saying is.......We Was There!!!

    BPP & Wife are GOOD people!!!!!!!

    The camera mysteriously exploded when I stepped into view!!!

    Bourbon St. cops weren't hasslin' nobody, They were two busy enjoying the Boobie flashin' on the balconies!!!!!

    The Contest "prize" was worth the effort!!! Thnx BPP!!!

    and last, but most definately not least....I REALLY wish all ya'll could've been there!!! Ya'll have become close friends,and re-enforce my belief, that there ARE still a lot of kind,caring,REAL people left in this world!!!!!!

    BLADES RULE!!!!!
  13. glad to hear you guys had fun! What time were you in front of the cam?
  14. BPP refused to be seen in public with me!!! LMAO!! :smoke:
  15. too bad i didn't get too see you all but it sounds like you had a good time.....
  16. critter , check your PM's!! I explain my horrible physical deformities that make me camera shy, but don't want to share them with the Blades. :smoking:
  17. yeah ,so l been looking nearly 2 years now .So what am l supposed ta see ,lol.

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