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  1. Finally figured out how to load some pics of my plants. Here's my #3 at 4 weeks today. I just transplanted it into the new pot and the roots were everywhere. They're nothing compared to NdicaBud's NL #5 but then again I got these seeds from a bag of some really good stuff. Also, I haven't used any ferts yet but I will next watering along with some SuperThrive. To me it looks like a mostly Indica strain...what do you guys think?

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  2. This is #2 @ 30 days today since sprout. Her little sister #3 is slowly catching up to her. Any suggestions bout ferting and stuff would be appreciated or just anything in general really. Later blades...have a good day and send some good marijuana mojo my way!

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  3. try two hand fulls of sea bird stage 1-2, ferts in watering every 3-4 days and add 6 inches to them dude ,but their looking good!good luck tazz11
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  5. Sup Woody...I just got a 430W Hps kit yesterday! Check out Pimp-C's thread...there's a pic of it
    BTW...I've got an online friend who lives in Hannover and me and a friend of mine might go visit him this summer. He'll be our translator since the only word I know is eikel.
  6. It looks like indica to me, nice looking plant. Keep up the good work.
  7. A last look at the 2 ladies before I change lighting to 12/12. I'm 99.9% sure that they're both female.

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  8. thats some nice looking MOTA u got there ese. shit hopefully i can get you some pics of my first grow. they arent too well.
    the one that has been flowering now for a while the buds are not thick very very thin. lights too high i guess well know theyre lowered hope they do good. nice MOTA.
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