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  1. be 4 i had all the lights.. less than a week ago

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  2. this is what she looks like 2 or 3 days after the new lights... AMAZING

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  3. looks like ur a bit over watering but besides that great also i would cut off the first pair of leaves that dont have any nodes and put it up to th first pair of leaves int the ground for a bushy look
  4. hey i got a bit of a problem.. i have flies in my grow box, whats up with that, there commin from the Soil. look like little friut flies... i dont know why thats going on.. the soil is new. will they hurt my plant? every time i look in there, it dont matter if its an hour later or what, there multiplying, every time i kill them, there is always more to come... what do i do??
  5. tsp of joy soap in a new mister. just kinds stay away from the plant and u dont have to spray the shit out of the flies...a few mists in the general area every time u see them fly will get em, maybe :)

    if it doesnt let us know and we'll get ya something stronger
  6. thanks for the info.. is that somthing Normal? well anyways i replanted her again, put her in some fresh new soil. now the flies are really gone since they were comming out of the previous soil.

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