Pics with yellowing leafs and pistils.What is the problem?

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  1. 250 W HPS. 3 weeks of flowering.
    I was thinking this is a heat burning problem because the problem appear in the first time on the top of one plant. But now it is everywhere from the bottom to the top.
    On the leafs appear yellow spots and then on all the surface of the leaf.
    I have water with high Ph and I add vinegar to the water to down the Ph to a normal level. I use 4:7:4 solution to fertilize.
    The problem is that the pistils on some flowers are browning too and they are drying.
    Maybe someone help me.

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  2. Looks to me like you've overnuted them.
    Serious clawshapes leaves you got there (Nitro-tox)
    Looks like pH issues too (which is common when overnuting)
    Watering with 'correct' pH water does not lead to correct pH soil.
    Can you do a soil pH test?

    Don't be to quick to start flushing if the pH is too low, pH shock may wipe out all your fanleaves.
  3. I can't do a soil Ph test. In our country it's impossible to get one.
  4. Then go to the local petshop.
    Get an aquarium pH test kit (range 4-9) for a few bucks.
    Overwater your plant, collect the first few drops at the bottom and measure that.
    It's called a pH runoff test and will give you an impression of the soil's pH.
  5. Wait a minute.
    If you cannot test pH then you do not know the pH value of the water and you do not know the pH value of the vinegar.
    Are you guessing these values?
    Feeling lucky?
  6. I do that.
    It's in normal range. About 6 six and a half
  7. I know the ph value of the water because I test it with a swimming pool Ph tester.
    But I don't have a soil Ph meter.
    I am not guessing
  8. Allright. Cool!
    If you can do a test on your swimming pool you should be able to do a pH runoff test?
    Overwater the thing and catch the first few drops.
    And please let us know....
  9. already do that.
    it's in normal range (about six and a half)
    maybe this was happen because i put some nut on every watering
  10. For the record I agree with Urgr8est. They are nute burned. Also I see a shower curtain there. Are you using it to block light to your plants? The plants dark period should be 100% dark with no light leaks. Your plant looks like it is having trouble flowering because of light leaks or not being 100% dark at night.
  11. It's a plastic wardrobe for clothes. The walls it's like shower curtain and let the light in. For this motive I put in exterior black plastic (0.3 mm thick, used in miniature lakes) to prevent the light to reach in.
    Why do you say that the plant have problem with flowering? They are too little? Maybe because the 250W HPS it's not enough for a high yield.
    Or why?
  12. Only thing not covered is pest. It looks as if it could be mites or thGrp damage.

    This is just add on to mr fear, who is SO right about flushing:) . And that it looks a wee bit over nuted.

    gl alex

  13. They almost have a re-vegging look to them as if they were in flower and reverted back to veg. Maybe it's because they are only three weeks into flower as you say. Is that three weeks since going 12/12 or three weeks since seeing the first buds? Also the over fert or bugs or whatever is wrong with them could slow the flowering down as well.

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