Pics; who would harvest?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Hey guys. Got me a nice white widow growing outside. Took this pic Sept 27 (today, 30 minutes ago).

    Anyone think I should harvest now? Or wait a bit (week, two weeks?)

    I want this shit to be "knock you on your ass" widow.

    The plant is about 4-5 feet tall. About three weeks ago it blew over. No biggie the plant survived and is doing great, all of the branches have grown upward with very big bud clusters. If it were upright i would say 5'+, but on its side now its prob just under 5' and really really bushy. Prob take at least two people holding hands to reach around her. Wondering how man ounces she is worth. Maybe 4-5 ish?

    Anyhow here are the pics, hairs about 25% brown some about 1/3. Im thinking about a week should do it.

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  2. full lady

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  3. Well we have had a lot of rain the past few days and more on the way, so im guessing from other posts, 2 weeks so the buds gain in size ?? right?
  4. id give them about two weeks, no more, you dont want them pretty ass buds losing their potency...btw thats some of the prettiest w/w ive seen in a while..especially for an out door grow...after you dry that shit out send me some....
  5. Ive got some really sharp little snips that do the trick pretty good. After I harvested my other plants I cut most of the large fan leaves off before I hung the plant.

    Yea, this will take awhile to clip clean though. Any idea what I can expect for ounces off this mamma?

    Not even sure what the going rate is for an O of ww. $130 for an ounce of widow w/ no seeds? Or is that too low?
  6. 'nother pic

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  7. Lookin real sexy :)
  8. How many weeks into flowering? It looks a bit milky but wait till it turns a bit amber. WW is a 8-9 week strain i beleive.
  9. Im not sure when it started, its and outdoor grow i didn't visit it weekly. Been since mid/late Aug for sure though.

    Im guessing at least another week, maybe two at max. Im going to check it next Sat, see how it looks
  10. oh back to your "o" questions, 130 for sensi ww? ill drive to you!!! lol, id say at least 300. be greedy, you deserve it! gg
  11. definitely wait longer, your plant looks likes in the exact stage in flowering mine is, the hairs are still fairly white and green... i'm giving mine atleast another two weeks to flower

    it looks really good =)
  12. $130 an oz is what id normally pay for some mids, but for white widow thats a great price.
    its your choice there.... if it were mine i wouldnt sell a bit
  13. btw, i read earlier that you were in mi, lol for 130 an oz id hike to you
  14. At least $250 oz WW is THE most potend bud out there.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^
    Id say more if it is sensi ww but me id be a greedy fuck and keep it for meself...
  16. It depends on location also.
  17. Land of the north, and no seeds. I say $250-$300 should be possible.
  18. Still wouldnt sell any of that shit because when you run out peeps are going to be asking questions... and im to big of a stoner i would just smoke it all with my friends!
  19. what a beautifull plant, im with him ^ i would just toke it all, maybe selling a quad and thats it

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