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*Pics White Widow and AK-47

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by beamish, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. ahhh man.
    too high to recap individual specifics of buds - check gallery pics for it.

    White Widow

  2. damn you have a longgggggg e penis!!!!!! nice buds plus rep!
  3. I swear that these pics are in HD, Am I right?
    Frosty nugs btw. :hello:
  4. godDAYUM!

    triched the fuck out man.
  5. those are some sexy nugs.... +rep
  6. looks very simmilar to some WW that has been around my area

  7. .....huh?
  8. yeah they do have a high degree of definition. they are HDR tone mapped, but i dunno what you mean by being in HD.

    thanks for the comments guys
  9. hah wtf? prolly was in a gay convo with some petafile and accidently posted it on GC :D
  10. When people have bragging rights about something, the sometimes compare it to penis size.

    For example in the new movie, "Taken", when the step father of the girl kidnapped starts going on about how many connections he has overseas, the ex-CIA agent tells him "This is no time for a penis measuring contest"....
  11. Been a while since I've popped in a pickup thread, might as well be a beamish one eh? NIce buds.
  12. Wow thats pretty. Nice camera and bud.
  13. Ive never repped anyone for their bud before...until now :eek:
  14. cross those two and you have WHITE RUSSIAN. Quite a delicious strain. You buds look great and tasty. Have fun!
  15. hahaha whats up dude, long time no see.
  16. Nice bud bro!! i picked up some AK the other day...fuckin tripped me out!!:smoking:

    I checked out ur gallery -Sick shit bro +rep
  17. Great lookin buds. Both are on my list of fav. Buds.
  18. lol thanks guys.
    im loving the WW. the high starts off with a moment of clarity (no matter how high i was before). like super sobriety right after i inhale the hit. after a minute it crashes into a headlock buzz (couchlock head high anyone?) :D
  19. Looks like we both got some ridiculous AK47 right now, well done.

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