(pics) Sick plant yellow tips on leaves slowly working up

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  1. Hello I am a new grower and i have a 10 inch plant that is 1 and 1/2 months old. i have it on a 23 hours of light cycle right now. It is in a 2 gallon plant pot soil is miracle grow. I water when i feel is right which is about once a week i stick my finger all the way down in the soil and feel for moisture if i dont feel any then i water. 1 foot away from a 150 watt light bulb used for lizards. for the last 2 weeks the the plants leaves have started turning yellow slowely in a weird way and i am puzzled. it is worste at the bottom the plants leaves start to turn yellow starting at the tips and works its way thru the leaf. the newer leaves are starting to get it and 6 of the 10 branches there are so far have yellow tips. the 2 lowest ones have completely died and i want to save the rest before its too late!! please help!!

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  2. it looks like the start of p def what the ph of the soil
  3. 1 more thing the light your using is not working very well the plant is stretching
    a lot you should put about 5 13 watt cfl around her
  4. I am not sure how to tell the ph level i am using a premium bag of miracle grow so i wouldn't expect anything wrong with the soil but your smart one :p.... i need to get a ph tester? or can i find it somewhere on the bag? also i am not sure what you mean by putting lights around the plant? Lastly, should i just switch to a 75 watt bulb that most people have in their house or keep this one?
  5. mg soil is not good for seedling that maybe one reason why your plant stretched
    so much
  6. one more thing you can get a ph meter from a pet store
  7. ok so im going to be getting one very soon now. when i get it if its too low what should i do? get different soil? what ones are recommended?
  8. also is there a way to bump this thread so more people see it?
  9. if you take some time and read the threads in the beginner section , all the answers you need are there. happy reading

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