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  1. I have a seedling which looks like something might have ate it.
    Plus, the leaves seem slightly yellowish compared to my others. Alongside with that, the growth seems stunted (height). I am using some generic soil that I picked up at my local home depot. I doubt it is the soil due to the fact my other seedlings have been thriving much more better.
    Should I be concerned about it? This seedling is the smallest out of the three I have.
    All seedlings are now about a month old and the strain is Durban Poison (bagseed).
    Seedling 2:
    Seedling 3:

  2. Those things are pretty stretchy and skinny, post a link to the soil you got at Home Depot. They look a pale yellow which is usualy a sign of nitrogen deficiency but they are kinda young for nutes yet. Some bugs like beetles will chew on plants.
  3. Well I see it's in MG because I see the nute balls, that's your first problem. And they're pretty stretched, what's the lighting?
  4. it looks like something may have takin a bite out of it. It could have also been hard rain, or general mishandeling of the plant. Something must be wrong with your soil, it also looks like u have slow release fert balls in your soil which is not good for seedlings. For a month old seedlings, your plants are very tiny and should be much bigger by now.
    i suggest you transplant them into better soil, and more of it. Half full cups are not enough!
  5. Right now, I'm growing them with sunlight. I only bring them inside if it is too cold or if it's rainy. 
    Now I remember, I think it might be Miracle Grow and something around moisture control.
    I'm going to move them into bigger pots.

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