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Pics of your best clouds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by gBong, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. alrite anybody with digital cameras post some pics of your biggest nicest thickest smoke clouds (weed, no cigarettes)...

    we should have a contest....shit im baked =)
  2. luke from killhits wins! contest over. ;p


  3. Yeah i think so lol
  4. those guys kick ass at it. have you seen the video gbong?
  5. In the video, which ones Luke? I'm thinking the kid with the glasses, but thats based on no reasoning whatsoever.
  6. i thought Luke was the kid who blows the O at the end of the first video, but thats just a complete guess too.

    Luke, which one is you
  7. I think he's the one with the red hair.
  8. Where can I see these cloud pics? nothing is coming up in the thread for me
  9. excalibong helped me out on some mutha futhin plumes.

  10. Yeah thatswho im talking about. THe first and last face on the first video.
  11. where can i see this video?
  12. buddy.... omfg haha nice.... looks like someone stillframed your luge... haha
  13. damn straight all people from the kill hits are awsome. they do win hands down from what iv seen.

  14. God, I rule.
  15. thats a crazy video. im gonna have to try that one day. pretty hard to do?
  16. nah, tisnt hard

    am i the only one who cant get the vid to work?
  17. ...

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  18. those movies are the shit!!!!!!


    nice website too :D
  19. well I've been trying them all night with bowls, and just now I decided to roll a j and try and, and first try I got it... and it was fucking rewarding I might add :D

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