Pics of where you chill... ?

Discussion in 'General' started by sn00py, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone .. just got back from a day chilling at the beach sm0king some pretty nice white widow :) heres the view from my spot, its great down here on nice hot days, very few people coming past - i'll catch a sunset and photograph it at somepoint, its really very nice ..

    so how about you guys? any scenic pics of where you guys chill?

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  2. heres the view from the other direction..

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  3. OMG!!! that looks sooo beautiful!! where do u live? i wish i had a view like that.i don't have any scenic pics, but if i come across i will send!
  4. Hey Daisey, I live in North Wales, (UK) the great thing about the area is that its got some really spectacular scenery. I really enjoy being able to chill out with something like this to look at .. heres a couple of shots from the top of that 'big rock' (lol) you can see in the first picture ...

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  5. And a sunset from the top from a week or so ago ..

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  6. u are soooo lucky!!

  7. I know :) We *do* get our share of crappy weather though!
  8. yes your very lucky
  9. you so lucky!!!!

    never been to any water makes me want to go !
  10. Wow, I really didnt expect all these replies! Wales is a very scenic place, I have about 15 or so places I go to fairly often when I need to chill .. Heres a picture from further down the Conwy Valley - the scope of nice things to look at around here is huge .. Nothing better than sitting on a rock with a doob catching a view like this ... :p

    Come on though guys! Does anyone have any pics of their chilling spots ?


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  11. although it would probably be very dangerous I've allways wanted to get stoned on the lip of cwm idwal. That would look fucking nice!

  12. Hey Switch :)

    Cwm Idwal? Is that in North Wales? Some of the views along Snowdonia are breathtaking, I'll have to get my ass up there with the camera soon..

    If its local to me Switch .. I'll check it out and post a few pics :)
  13. This is the best place i like to chill with a blast from my bong at sunrise on my way to the nevis range to go snowboarding, it's a place called Rannoch Mor's so peacefull and beautiful....i could travel my country for the rest of my life and still be shocked by it's this is not my pic....i wish i was this good at taking photos.....Peace out.....Sid

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  14. this is a pic of the mountains just before it...

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  15. this is the back bay where we keep our boat. the whole area is pretty much like this, so we go fishing to chill out. i love the lake at night!

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  16. this is the view from my living room. this church is the oldest anglican church in sk, and maybe all of canada (i can't remember)

    sid and snoopy - i would love to be where you are. it's beautiful!

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  17. woah you guys live in great places. i was GONNA throw a pic up of the view from our bedroom window, which is another way-old-ass aprtment complex and it's carport, but i'd be in shame ;)

    i don't have a backyard, and i toke @ home so... i'll put pics up here when i go someplace cool next.
  18. Sid, Isis and Zia .. wow! Sid, Scotland is great for its scenery the mountain looks fantastic..
    Isis, I love that lake already .. looks very tranquil..
    ... and Zia .. well .. i think the picture speaks for itself! awesome :)
  19. I'll need to get some pics of the view that you get from the top of Anoech Mor where i go could just hold up a picture frame and it would look like an oil's so beautiful.....hey snoopy....Wales looks a lot like Scotland...lots of hills and mountains......Peace out....Sid

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