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    :smoking:Heres some pics of one of our gardens:smoking:
    :hippie:Sour Desil and OG Kush is what is shown:hippie:


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  2. Ive smoked all 4 of those and grand dad way most def the strongest. Some of the best buds straight outta Humboldt :smoke:

    Nice pics man wish i had a garden as beautiful as yours :)
  3. I dont like to hate, But im so Envious right now. My plants are looking good, Not that good. And i only have 7.
  4. arnt they pics a little incriminating?
    all the same +rep and DROOOOOOOL :D
  5. personally i like purp, but orange kush and sour deisle are two of my favorites too.

    i love your garden man, +rep.
  6. wow fuckin rep +. I think if i ever saw that much weed i'd pass out.
  7. damm!! thats alot of weed!!!

    i never had any of em.. none of my dealers dont say a dam strain,, their like no i'm aint tellin u or dont know the strain...
  8. Woah you must wake up so hapy everyday knowing you've got all this weed lol
    And all these killer strains too =)+repp
  9. damn man. all those plants look really healthy and tall. looks like your gonna have a real nice harvets. + rep for that shit.

  10. damn...and thats just ONE of your gardens?!?! +rep for you lol. some of the best buds i've ever had came from humboldt CA
  11. OG Kush. How much it cost to get your hands on a clone? You got the Sour Diesel in seed form?
  12. Great looking plants bro.

    You spelled Sour Diesel wrong.

    And OG Kush is far superior to anything else that you listed. Did everyone just pick the one that they have heard of?

    Sour D is a great yielder compared to OG Kush, but OG Kush has that flavor.

    Why are you growing indoors in Humboldt?
  13. fat ass buds.......
    get ur trimming equipment .......ur in for some fun
  14. wow fuck you dude.:eek::p
  15. Sour Diesel all the way !!! First time I smoked some I was in New York city, and HOTDAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that strain.
  16. showin some love in the 707!
  17. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat dude. Jesus f'ing christ... NICE GARDEN!

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