Pics of Supercropping and Scrog

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ghunter, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Yeah, lookin at your setup, even a 150HPS with venting would leave you with Ganja Flambe.

  2. LOL It could be done with a cooltube, especially if I tore out the divider between the top and bottom but that would defeat the stealth that I am so proud of :D

    Right now it looks and sounds like.... a fridge!
  3. nice grow man +rep:smoke:

    How soon did you start tying down branches?
  4. wow I am seriously jealous. thats like the perfect grow box to have in a garage! Nobody would EVER look at that!
  5. bumping a sweet ass thread by a kick ass grower
  6. excellent job.
  7. how many of them ufo lights were u using?
    wow what kinda plants were they? 2 ozs off each sounds pretty dam good!!
    hope i manage near that!!
  8. would u recommend gettin the UFO LEDs? i was lookin at them last nite and they seem pretty expensive so i wanna get a few reviews before i buy
    also how do u actually do a scrog? do u just put the wire up and let the plants become stunted?
    sorry for bein a scrog noob:p
  9. I just have ONE 90W UFO and FOUR 26W CFL's. LED is not for everyone but it suits my needs well. 2oz per plant is a laughable amount for guys with more room and HPS systems. If you decide to go that route, buy one from a reputable dealer that has a reputation to uphold. Stay away from Ebay.

    As for a Scrog, just do some reading up on here, it is where I learned all I know. There are many different styles based on your needs.

    Cured in jars and smelling awesome! Who wants a hit?
  10. dude ive been waitin on my shipment of weed for nigh on two weeks:(
    i wud fly to u for a smoke at this stage:p
    yeah im gonna have a proper look at it want my girls to be nice:D
  11. Hey ghunter! I'm planning to supercrop and scrog my grow that's how i found this thread.

    I was wondering what you mean by your yield suffered cuz you spread your branches too far apart and used too many holes? I thought the idea of scrog is to keep the canopy as even as possible.
    If you had less holes, more branches would be growing thru the same hole, thus be in contact with each other, and the canopy would be uneven.... would that bring more yield?

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