Pics of Supercropping and Scrog

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ghunter, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Hi All! I just finished my 2nd grow (link in sig) and wanted to share photos of my two plants just before I chopped. Here you can see what supercropping and scrog can do for you when you have height restrictions :)




    Happy Growing! :wave:
  2. Thats Nice!

    Strain, yield and growtime?
  3. + rep, very impressive!
  4. Great job. Super cool grow cab! Can you use it for temp control? How do you keep it ventilated?
  5. Quick Q, did you go straight to 12/12 from sprout?
  6. Looks really nice! Whats your temperature and bulb your using?
  7. Thanks all! These were feminized Snow White (white widow) vegged for about 40 days and flowered for 66 days under the 90W UFO LED + (4) 26 actual watt CFL's. 6500k in veg and 2700K in flower.

    I just cut them yesterday so I don't have a yield yet but 3-4 oz is a very safe guess.

    The cab is obviously homemade and details are in my first sig link.
  8. Simply beautiful.
  9. Very nice. +rep.
  10. good job dude, they look great
  11. beautiful stuff man I love the setup you may want to try a 100% CFL setup with actual 100 watters if you are having trouble with keeping the temp high enough where you are
  12. thats awesome...great job
  13. beautiful man. talk about maximizing space.
  14. Thanks guys! I trimmed last night and am not as optimistic about the yield as I was. I had a shitload of very small buds! It was a real pain in the ass to trim. I had maybe 12 large colas and the rest were all tiny. I had 77 scrog holes filled with this grow. 15 or 20 would have been plenty and would have produced much larger buds. Oh well, live and learn! No smoke yet but the smell is great.

    I will never spread out two plants that far again. I will post a cured weight next week.
  15. Final dry weight: 4 oz even from the two plants

    I'm happy with that, it is better than my first grow but I know I can do better.
  16. Do you know how much you got wet?
  17. I have the some 90w UFO you are using. 5 band, red blue orange, yadda yadda. Had been flowering my plants about 2 weeks with it.

    Switched to HPS about 10 days ago.

    Your lack of bud may be due to the LED lights. I have noticed a marked increase in bud growth after switching.

    LEDs are great for vegging, but not so much for flowering.
  18. That looks great to me. I'm dying to get a SCROG going. It gives you so much more to do when you can't help but constantly mess with the plants anyway. ;)
  19. Sorry, didn't weight it wet.

    It could be the lights but I think more likely I just spread them out WAY too far. I fill all 77 scrog holes just because I could and thought it would be "cool". I think 15 or 20 would have worked out much better. No doubt HPS would produce more but it just doesn't work well for my setup and needs. 4 oz will last us for many many months :)

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