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  1. So, over my high adventures, I have taken pictures of various things. Enjoy the heart attack ;p.

    [​IMG] <~~this was very hard to eat. sweetest thing I've ever had. I'm surprised I did not turn diabetic haha.

    [​IMG] Just a pic of all my weedz0rz.

    [​IMG] My pipe and storage box

    [​IMG] The firecracker I just made. I am afraid to eat it haha.
  2. Why be afraid? Ever have one? They're good IMO. And how did you go about making it, if you did.
  3. feast.

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    hahaha the modes put the boring face on your thread. hahaha they saying your pics suck ass.hahaha

    im under the influence of laughter.:)

    im baked
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    Actually I put it there...I thought it was a cute face and would attract attention XD. didn't know it was a "boring face"

    DUDE those fries look FUCKING AWESOME. Please mail me some?!?!

    I had some bad ass nachoes at this place I was doing sound at. Beef brisket nachoes omg man I jizzed my pants while eating them, they were amazing.

    I made the firecracker with jiffy and saltines, put it in the oven at 345 for about 25 mins and let it cool for about 10-15. I am currently eating it. Let's hope it works.

    edit: the firecracker didn't taste that bad.
  6. Adventure you say? Does that include shroom adventures?
    Had fun. :)
  7. I don't do anything except weed. In fact if I could get my hands on salvia, I would probably stop smoking weed. I need to find some locally, it's expensive on the interwebz.

    -still waiting to see if this firecracker kicks in-
  8. Salvia sucks in my opinion, but I'm kind of biased in the sense that it didn't do anything to me.
    You know what's good for waiting for edibles/anything else to kick in? Smoking weed. :p

    More adventure!
  9. lmfao. that water looks too shallow to be diving into...wait...nevermind, that's just a handstand XD.

    If I tried salvia, I'd try 20x right off the bat. maybe higher. I know it would affect me and I can probably use it to astral travel ^_^
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    Have u tried salvia?
    I was like u couldint wait try salvia.
    That shit will change your world to the point where u think u died.
    It might take like 2 or 3 try's to really feel the cchanges.
    Don't try it
    It's a trap

    And I like your pics
    Thanks for sharing
  11. Well I am pretty positive I would like it. It does exactly what I want it to do and it's legal :p
  12. wow i like these pics

  13. i think what you're looking for is dmt and is illegal.

    and heres a picture of what google gave me of dmt

  14. I dunno bout dmt. salvia sounds like it would do what I want and that firecracker did absolutely nothing :|

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