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Pics of pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Happysack, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. #1 Happysack, Feb 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2009
    Heres some recent pickups, I haven't been in a sutable enviorment to sit down and take bud shots so I haven't pictated everything I've been smoking like I used to but heres a few I did :smoking:

    StrawBerry Cough macro pic

    Cough was amazing, I can't honestly say I taste "Strawberry" but its got a very fruity taste, reminds me of some Shishkaberry which is awesome I loved that stuff!

    LA Confidential, no macro pics didn't have my macro lens at the time.

    LA was really potent, heavy high.

    Juicy Fruit - One of my favoirte strains, wish I could have got some macros of it.


    Purple Cotton Candy, Delicious - this stuff was great go out and do shit bud :hello:

    And last but no least, Macro of Diseal strong and tasty :smoking:[​IMG]
  2. That strawberry cough made me explode in the pants hah! :D
  3. Looks very tasty :D
  4. Yeah I was pretty happy with the cough, all the Dank I've been getting has been nice and very potent but I haven't had anything I would really classify as headies in a while.

    ProfessorX \t \t\t

    Very tasty! :D
  5. i love strawberry cough i once had an 8th which was great prob my one of my fav strains
  6. That StrawBerry Cough looks out of this world, but my vote goes to that LA con cause all that kief just caked on there. Nice pickup +rep:wave:
  7. Thats major props on getting the dankest I espesially like that diseal super tasty
  8. Nice! I've got about a quarter left of the strawberry and its so hard not to chomp through it all day :smoking:

    The LA con was incredible, really really strong but a bit debilitating, thanks!


    Here is some Clint Eastwood packed a hell of a punch like the LA Con, bad depth of field with the shots but never the less.
  9. I love Purple Cotton Candy. Looks good :)
  10. here in kansas you cant find shit for weed
    all i find is shwag sometimes some dro or kb
  11. I would love to try some of that strawberry shit :) I'd probably have to grow it myself to get it here in Jersey though :(
  12. Daaaaannnnkkkkk

    fuckin nice man
  13. Excellent looknig buds man, very nice pictures too.
    Very jalous off the Strawberry Cough, never smoked it before and it looks absolutely amzing.
  14. All of those buds are lookin real nice.
  15. It was good no doubt, very dense

    That sucks, start growing :D

    Really? I've heard Jersey gets some great headies.

    Thanks :smoking:

    Thanks! This is my first time with the Cough so I was pretty excited to hear it was around.

  16. Tasty looking.
  17. It is! My only regret is the copious amounts of it I'm burning through I need to hide some of the cough from myself so I have some next month :D
  18. Tasty New pickup



    Still got some cough too :D


    now if only I had time to smoke :cry:
  19. wow....first pic WOW!!!!
  20. Great pictures, and great buds! Great pick up :bongin: +rep

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