Pics of my va august grow!!! Finally! Check out!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by virginiared, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. FINALLY I GOT THE PICS OF MY VA BUDS GROWING!!! What strain do you guys think this is?? Shes about 3ish weeks into flowering how much longer must i wait!!?!:hello:

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  2. Looks good. Keep it up. ;)

  3. Hey thanks that really means alot, this is my second season growing. I just posted the rest of the pics of her. What do you think she is??? She has only a max of 5 leafs, so im guessing a hybrid??
  4. Where did you get the seed?

    There are hundreds of strains of pot man.... i doubt anyone could ever name a strain from a picture unless they've grown that same exact straing many many times.

  5. I got it after i bought some kush seeds online, and they gave me 10 free random seeds...But basically if you look at my gallery, its got a stout stem, only 5 leafs on all the fan leafs...

    But ITs still a mystery........Check out the gallery that may help in helping me trying to figure out what the hell this plant is....
  6. Its looking pretty healthy right? Only 3 weeks maybe less till harvest...There is some spotting from ferts on a couple leafs but this plant is SO resillient
  7. 3 weeks is not enough time man.
  8. yet anther banned grower.
  9. and plus those first pics look about 2 weeks into flowering at most imo. and he was expecting to harvest in 2 weeks and said its his 2nd season growing. this guy needs to do some more searchin
  10. Why? I dont want to make the same mistake

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