Pics. Of My Unique Pets,,,

Discussion in 'Pets' started by chicken, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. and you thought they called me chicken becuse it sounds good<<<<

    no,,, i actually raise chickens, game chickens, not the shit you see in the grocery store wrapped in plastic, my birds are lean mean fighting machines, i'll have to update this thread, it's raining outside right now, but i got a lot more '' pets'' than these 2


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  2. Please, please tell me you don't participate in fighting.
  3. yeahhhhh i see those running around where i live all down the country roads and wild turkeys im going to buy a gun to shoot a turkey and try to make it homeade im going to pluck it and chop it up take its organs and deep fry it in the big deep fryer i have sound good?
  4. no,no,no, i dont fight them but thats what they are is game chickens,,[ fighting birds] if you want to call them that,,

    i have a bird sanctuary, they dont get faught, and i aint going to eat them...

    unless i get the munchies, and thier aint no ; snack cakes in the house,

    nah ive had numerous birds, and aint ate or faught the first one,,, they run wild in my yard, now they have fought each other naturally, '' over food ''
    and this '' wayward'' hen i have thats shows her shit to all the roosters,,,
  5. heres my 2 dogs and my male cat,,,


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  6. Dude thats sick, ive wanted to do something like this since i was 6. how does the cat get along with the dogs?
  7. I like your cock....s
  8. Awesome chickens....chicken.

    Do you blaze with your poultry pals?
  9. pretty cool. i have a farm like thing going on at my place too. between my roommates and i there is one huge american bulldog, 2 lionhead rabbits and 1 american rex rabbit, and 2 cats-a russian blue and a mix. I gotta get pics sometime. nice pets bro.
  10. american bulldog!!

    we used to own an english bulldog. hoo ah.
  11. In your other thread I stated that I would break into your house and steal your kittens, but now I'm gonna steal all of them!
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  12. Aw. I love seeing Chicken's soft side.
    There's a little farm down the street from my neighborhood. On a good night you'll hear all kind of cawking and bleating.
    And once a goat wandered into my yard and gave everyone a good fright.
    I can't wait for the day that I can have enough money to make a beautiful welded environment and get an octopus.
  13. Aww, Chicken, your'e male cat (white one) looks just like a cat I had when i was a little girl, only mine was a female, RIP Bijou......

    Awesome pets man, and I'm really glad that you arent one to be fighting them.
  14. boston terriers are the coolest. my brother has two of them and theyre crazy.. really hyper little dogs
  15. The boston terrier you are right she's got this thing about balls and sticks you throw it she will bring it right back and drive you nuts until you throw it there have been times if you don't she will cry. I am not joking her eyes will get red and you see tears.
  16. and you thought i was ALL NEANTHERTHAL,,,?

    my soft side ? just get too close to that rooster, and see how soft i am,,,heheheehh

    you'll do one of 2 things, being a female,

    scream or shit '' PROABLY BOTH '' when he jumps in the air, and comes down on your legs,,, real soft <<?
  17. awwww, lovely animals chicken :)

    I especially like the black and white little doggy..

    More pics of your pets please... :D
  18. heres a pet i almost had,,,, click on the picture and it'll take you to that thread,,,, '' funny ''////

    this was going to be my ''boy '' .... but he was too wild for even me to mess with ,,

    ..<LEGEND>Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND>
    [​IMG] him in my house ''loose ''
    Click for full-size image

    [​IMG] him after i got him out of my house,,,

    by the way it;s a POSSUM'' ,,,,,

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