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    Hey am a newbie here guys,where i stay it is illegal to grow marijuana[​IMG].But i've made a small setup in my room for catering my needs.I ordered 2 feminized THC-Bomb seeds from single seed centre,but its hard to get any information on growing these bomb seeds.So here's a pic of my baby growing under a 350 watt cfl(for single plant),its been a month and she's is growing to a monster[​IMG].It's been one month since i started vegging,do you guys think i should veg for few more weeks before flowering(will use cfl for flowering) .I've a very confined space,already 'topped' the plant.Using cocoa soil and Maxi Grow plant food.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. flower now especially if thats all you got for light!
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    Why do u say that?.I cannot use HPS here as i need a seperate electrical connection for that,so i am limited for cfl's only.Do u think cfl light is not enough?I get 10000 lumens per sq ft.
  4. Cfl is great for a first grow. I just finished my cfl grow of 6 plants under 750 true watts and yielded 9.5 ounces dry. Obviously you won't need that many watts but try to stick to 100 watts for the first plant and 50 watts for each additional plant. So 150 for 2, 200 for 3, 250 for 4, etc.

    Just use your first grow as a learning experience and a way to save money on buying, u don't have to go hardcore first grow. I do recommend buying items that will last for future grows however, such as your exhaust fan, carbon filter etc. Good luck on the grow. I've added a pic to show u what cfl can do.

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  5. I was just looking at this strain at Attitude seed bank. It looks like a great smoke from the photos I saw. I would transplant it to a larger pot prior to going 12/12. Remember to change bulb to 2700k for best results. The more light you can add the better off you will be. I defiantly interested in seeing how it goes. I plan on ordering seed beginning of the year,

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