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    Well these are my plants. they have been on 12/12 for about 1 months. Am i going to see buds any time soon:p?

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  2. dude I saw the starting of buds after about 2 weeks, something is wrong... I think we need more info, what strain is it?
  3. are there preflowers at all?
  4. It would have to be a major light leak???? i dont know man, i wish you luck with your grow though.
  5. Umm sorry guys that a miss type on my part its only been 1 month and the lights have been on time like 12/12 most of the time. sometimes ppl come over and i have to turn off the lights.
  6. they're probably gonna hermie if you keep messing with them like that. i would suggest building a stealth box.
  7. Yeah the flowering process is very very sensitive. Either find a better place to do this or change the light schedule so it's lights off during the day when people are over. You might not cause it to go hermie, but you certainly won't get any bud if you keep screwing with the light.
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    ok guys im going to put them on from 12 at night tell 12 am. This should start the buds growing?
  9. Midnight to noon? Yeah but just remember since it's going to be daytime in the real world when it should be night time for your plant, make sure that no light at all gets in. You don't wanna wake her when she's sleeping!

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