pics of my new closet grow setup

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  1. I just finished setting up my grow closet a few minutes ago.

    I'm using a bathroom exhaust fan plumbed through a hole I made in the wall that goes into some weird plumbing shaft thing in the middle of my building that's completely enclosed and goes the length of the building. Using Miracle Grow Organic soil, eight 40-watt CFLs (eight when I get two last ones to replace the tiny bulbs on the end). I'm also using the soil moist/ONA bucket design to neutralize odors.


    I'm germinating my seeds right now using the paper towel method. I'm just a bit worried about them though. They're bagseed and have been soaking for about 24 hours, and still no sign of life. Is this normal or should I start getting concerned that I have bad seeds?

    Can't wait to get some babies under those lights. :D
  2. i used bagseed and it took three days but it finally worked i had to re-wet the paper towel a couple times. i dont know much about growing but your setup looks sweet man good luck with the grow !
  3. Make sure you dont feed them AT ALL! MG soil has time release soil. This is especially important for little seedlings
  4. I didn't think the organic Miracle Grow had any time-release ferts in it?:confused:
  5. yeah im affraid it does have slow release nutes.

    total nitrogen (N)..............0.10%
    0.002% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    0.001% water soluble nitrogen
    0.097% Water soulble nitrogen*
    Available Phosphate (P205)....0.05%
    Soluble potash (k20).....0.05%
    *This soil contains 0.097% slowly available nitrogen.

    thats the specs on my bag of MG organic. hope it helps?
  6. Hmm, well hopefully it has less ferts than the normal potting soil, otherwise maybe I should hold off fertilizing until I'm into flowering.

    One of my seeds popped its shell when I checked it this morning. It's so cool to see.
  7. its really nothing to worry about adult, not ALL MG grows get fucked by the nutes, also at that small of dose it is like feeding it any other veggie state formula at 1/4 dose. Leave them in the MG soil, if you have problems, transplant. easy as cake
  8. Well I woke up this morning to a nice little surprise: the first seed to germinate and get planted is sprouted! :D It really is making amazingly fast progress in just a few hours... the seed shell has already fallen off and the cotyledons are spreading in the course of three hours.

    Can't wait for the other three that germinated and were planted to sprout as well. Hopefully two more seeds I have soaking will germinate so I can make use of all six of my pots, but I'm getting worried that the seeds aren't any good since they've been soaking since Tuesday night. Four plants is still sweet though, definitely hoping for mostly females.
  9. Whoops, forgot the pics:


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