pics of my new blue cheese strain

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  1. hey guys this is my new blue cheese strain this is my first grow with non bagseed, shes 2 weeks old now i topped her yesterday but these pics are a couple days old, how does she look

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  2. Looks fine to me. I have a couple of blue cheese seeds as well.
  3. looking good how old is she . I will be watching
  4. nevermind I did'nt read . how stupid:smoking:
  5. why she is 2 weeks and 2 days old so that would be like 16 days old haha , hey bby how old is your oldest blue cheese . o this is a great plant for ppl who like short and bushy
  6. thats ok man sometimes us stoners can read something and forget it the next second happens to me all the time
  7. Looking good!!!
  8. thanks man i try
  9. that's a cool looking plant, beautiful leaves. I'm picking an oz of blue tomorrow, supposed to be a real nice high
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    Hrmm... actually thinking about this; I've got some BlueCheese, fresh and smelly as it can be! What a wonderful plant it is! I just stumbled upon a rogue seed, that I don't remember having in the sack, but could've fallen out while I was trimming for a vape session... I pray it's BCheeeeeeesssssseee!

    What kind of growing strategy are you going to follow? I've never heard of this strain until a few days ago, a buddy was about to pack a bowl and I could smell it even before he took it out of the baggy, so I knew it was going to be something special... It's got that NYC-Sour-Diesel musk to it!

    I'm telling ya... this stuff + Vape = OMG all around mind & body hazy/lazy feeling to it... speaking of which; Aliens is coming on and I think this is a kick ass movie to blaze to! Peace and good luck w/your new-sprout!
  11. Very Nice! Post us some pics when its done.

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