pics of my grow cabinet, and pc box

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    these pics are wut i have built so far for my cabinet and my pc grow box

    i still have to cut the holes for the exhaust fan an intake but everything else is finished just waiting on the nute, soil, etc

    and the other pic is of my somewhat completed pc box still have to finish the side front walls with mylar

    right now there are 8 bulbs currently in here, i have to cut ethe holes for the fans and install them to see wut the temperature reads with them on, an btw my fan sizes are as follow( ones i currently have)
    1 140 mm 12v exhaust fan
    1 12 mm 12v exhaust fan
    3 80mm exhaust fans all 12v
    1 120 mm 12v exhaust fan

    Nutes: Super peak veg, and tiger bloom for flower, ph up an down
    Strain: 10 feminized red diesel seeds that i already have
    Soil: i ordered two types of soil to see which one worked better
    Fox farms : Happy Frog mix
    Fox farms : Light warrior mix

    any input about these is greatly appreciated thanks! :hello:

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  2. got my two fans installed today:)
  3. okay so i have a question, i have my pc box completed with 3 fans running, 2 exhaust and one inlet, i was originally running 1 exhaust and one inlet, but due to high temps i added another. can someone tell me what temperature i need it to be and is ideal to make my babys grow healthy when there in there? ill be posting the pics in the am tho
  4. How strong are your fans? Mine I have two 120mm running at 40 cfm for intake one on top coming down on lights, then one in bottom front. Then I have another 120mm in the back running at 120 cfm, its so strong it can pull through like 4 layers of carbon filter easily and keep temps down. Its kinda loud though for a comp fan. I stay at 70-72 always. Id say youre fine anywhere from 70-85. My cab was running at like 83-85 for about 2weeks or so and my plants are doing great. That was before I upgraded my fan on my cabinet. Im subbing yours to see how you compare. We have like exact same build setups going. Good luck to ya mate.
  5. i have two 120mm fans and 1 80mm, i have one of the 120,s on one side an the other on the other side but higher , and the 80 mm is right over top it the lights, how many bulbs are u running? what watts? type?

    im running cfls, one 27 or 32 watt 2700k cfl lol to high to go check, and two 19w cfls 5000k, there supposed to be equvilent to 75w. man i cant find any 6500k bulbs at like any store, not lowes nor home depot. :devious:

  6. how did you wire up your fans? i'm assuming the rated for dc voltage? i'm asking because i want to use pc fans to exhaust my grow but im not familiar with dc volts and already burned one fan.
  7. I just wired my fans to cell phone chargers ha
  8. lmao hahaha i thought of that lol but when i tried with one of the fans the charger got super hot so i wasn't sure it was fire safe lol..
  9. Hmm well mine hasnt gotten hot or overheated yet. I check it daily though just to make sure
  10. hmmm lol i think my problem was that i was trying to use 2 fans, well one and the other indirectly.

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