Pics of my FREE gypsy nirvana Durban Poison X Skunk plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mister Postman, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. What you can't see in the picture below is a 250 watt hps above the plants. What you can see are 2x 20 watt 2ft fluorescents, and 2x 40 watt fluorescents. I started my free seeds fiurst just to mess around until I had everything set up properly.. Needless to say I think they are looking good for my first time growing indoors and in containers. Everything was done very basic.. maxigrow/bloom nutes, Liquid Karma, and pure ro water is about all that went into these. They recieved both fim cuts and lst work. The one on the left each shoot was taped down mid way creating a crown of buds, and the one on the right got 4 new top shoots from my fim LOL so it pretty much just bushed out big time.
    better pic of the plant on the left. That branch sticking up was one I actually split during lst.. needless to say I had to release it from the lst to relaease pressure.. It healed and is growing 100%
    Pic below is of the plant on the right
    Now for the good pics!! The good ole bud shots!! Check out some of that purple coming in!! Looking lovely if I could say so myself:smoke:
    the plant on the right is the one that has the purple buds
    woowee 3 weeks in to 12/12 and look at those crystals coming!! I noticed a huge difference the last two days in bud denseness and trichome production. I actually added a uvb producing bulb to increase crystal production:hello:
    Thanks for checking out my first indoor plants.. I do have 3 white widows, 3 northern lights, 2 SADHU from, 1 cindy blues which is from spice brothers c99 X blueberry, 2 hashberry from mandala already in my veg box. i bought a new son agro bulb so I'm waiting for that before I place the little ones in the flower closet for sexing.. After that I will take the females reveg until 12-16 inches then back to finish up flowering. I'm hoping with this new bulbs higher blue output that MAYBE they will not stretch to much while early sexing. WISH ME LUCK

    any opinions on yield?? I'm hoping to get 1oz per plant.. I'm thinking I got as I'm figuring every growth shoot produces ATLEAST a 2 gram bud dry.. what's your thought? I'm thinking I'm actually playing it really safe saying those buds will be two gram dried. Just by looking with my eye I know some will be 3 gram+...
  2. Great looking plants looks like your gonna have some great freebe bud... good luck on the finish and keep us posted...
  3. YAY!!! MP those look great! Congratulations, wonderful!

    (I am no grower but I wanted to come in and give you some love. I miss ya.)
  4. Hey dbw thanks for coming to the other side to say hello.. I'll be back at rec when I harvest these sweet looking buds and have some good pics to post LOL:hello: been smoking on the same old beasters round here.. good,but damn i know these were grown with love LOL. I know what went into them.

    so far so good.. second harvest mid summer is going to be packed with all the goodies white widow, northern lights, cinderella blues (c99 X blueberry), hashberry, and sadhu, oh and more of these freebees:p (I really like the purple coloring that one is taking on. I took a clone of her too :)) Just in perfect time to when I'll be making that long awaited august ride

    hey and watch out!! or I'll bang them with some flowering nutes LMFAO
  5. :laughing: That is just hilarious! Lingo is key! :smoke:
  6. Tasty. They look good dude.
  7. looks real nice dude, make sure u post when u harvest.
  8. you bet I will!! should be some sticky buds thatls for sure.. Went back to the grow just today and noticed the trichomes coming in big time.
  9. i want to grow so bad, maybe in the woods this summer...
  10. Good luck with your grow Josh. I grew these very basic.. 1/4-1/2 strength veg nutes, and when I went into flowering I fed 1/2-3/4 strength flowering nutes, and some liquid karma here and there throughout. Fed them about every second-third watering. Bottom line I wanted these to make it to harvest LOL.. So nothing fancy here. It seems when things get fancy it falls apart for me haha. I do have a bubble bucket dwc ready for next round. This round I started from seed in my bubble bucket just to see if I could keep it alive, and I did!!! all the way till it broke out with balls all over LOL.. It was Male so had to get the chop chop before he could pollute my ladies with pollen...

    ICE was one of those Nirvana strains I had my eye on. Keep us posted with how that goes.

  11. GO FOR IT BRO!!! For years I've been growing outside in the dirt.. Believe it or not this is the first time I grew under artificial lights ever. I only had a small closet so had to go small scale, but outside you can grow marijuana trees LOL..

    I'm looking into these things called auto pots. Last season I lost some of what I brought out to the woods due to drought. I can get these with a 17 gallon res. I'm thinking for two plants that will last a pretty long time. I'm thinking you'll have to make the trip out to set her up.. this will be hard cause of all the water needed, but really it's a two time a season thing when you fill the res the first time, and switch to your flower nutes later in the season. other then that just a gallon here and there of clean ro water to top the res. HMM I could also rig up a rain catcher......every two weeks or so I can walk my dogs with two gallons or so of clean water to keep my res topped. with these systems you can use soil in the pots so really you can use some preferted soil, and go really easy on the res mixture. to expand the system to feed for more plants it's as easy as purchasing another 2 pot kit and hooking them together.. I know these could be made at home with the purchase of their smart valve, but to get a well put together system for someone not so handy $69.99 isn't so bad at all. each additional kit is $39 to expand from 2-4 plants
  12. any updates or these? i'm curious to see how they turn out, because most people haven't been able to get them to sprout.
  13. Wow, looking at your DP x S#1 plants makes me wanna try to grow some of my own. They look absolutely delicious.

    Exactly...I planted four seeds after germing and not a single one sprouted. When I dug them up, only one showed signs of growth. It looked like it tried to reach the surface but ran out of energy.

    Mister Postman - how far down did you plant the seeds and what's your temp? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.
  14. howd u get free seeds?
  15. Still going fellows.. Thinking I'm do to harvest any day now!! The seeds I got free when I ordered my white widow from They throw in a free pack with every order
    woops this pic is of a local bag seed I grew.. Nice hairy buds.. Tastes very sweet. I had to try one early, the durban looks like it still has time to go. Pics below are the bud shots of durban poison x skunk. I got some nice pink/purple pistals, and the trickomes are packing in.. I got these babies under some uvb
    Nothing special with the seeds. Just stuck them in some moist potting soil about a half inch down. 3 days I had 3 out of 3 sprouted, 2 were males. Maybe you just got a bad batch.. I had a real shitty time with my cinderella blues c99 x blueberry. 2 sprouted out of 10 and 1 is a mutant with three sets of leaves at every node.. gonna be funny to watch it grow. I have two more Dpoison x skunk inbetween some moist paper towels.. let you know if these make it.
  16. Looks great dude.... You did a great job. Happy smoking
  17. very, very nice. :)
  18. Mister Postman, WOOOHOOO! Those are gorgeous man! Absolutely gorgeous. Please tell me you are still stopping by in August. :laughing: :smoking: -- I'm so happy for you man! They look fab.

  19. Haha yup still planning that trip south. By that time I should be pretty well supplied. I have hashberry, northern lights, c99 x blueberry, ands some ice in veg waiting for these to finish budding.. Think those will be done just in time for my trip. These buds though in the pics taste like a lemon/citrus hard candy.. Oh man just the flavor alone is wonderful, and begs to be sniffed/smoked.

    just got a vapordoc too, so I don't end up dead from smoke inhalation while I smoke it ALL:smoking:

    oh then I went and got this the next day to counteract the healthiness of vaping LMAO :bongin:
  20. hey dude, nice plants. i had some bagseed under a 70 watt HPS that turned out about the same size, those size plants seem to be very potent. Nice job once again. peace.:wave:

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