Pics of my beautiful hash

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  1. Hey guys this is my ice water hash, let me know if you would like to do it.
    It is ice water hash, all you need is a bunch of trim. Peace

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  2. I dont know much about hash but why does that one peace have big black spots on it.
  3. Looks kinda... Meh. Take another pic after it dries
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    the light green color will sometimes darken to almost black as it dries.

    It seems depending on the amount/Quality of Trichomes in final product, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. [ame=]‪How to make Bubble Hash‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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    your final product from Straight quality bud will dry much darker.
    It will be more potent ,Oily ,sticky & even gooey..... & will bubble & dome up when smoked.
  7. Ya thats bubble hash using bubble bags which are much more expensive than the jar and coffee filter i use. I know what buble bags are but i am never going to buy them, i know the product is better but i dont care.

  8. bubble bags cost like $50 :confused_2:...that's cheap for the product....just say'n.
  9. for large quantities of raw material........I would not like to do the Jar & coffee filter method.

    enjoy the sheesh!! Thanks!:smoke:

  10. No I def wouldn't either. If I had more trimmings I wouldn't use my method but I only have a small quantity of trimmings each harvest so this is what I gotta do. Peace
  11. that hash looks really good for budget extraction,whats the method for your way eddie?
    those bubble bags are the shit mayn but very expensive

    id love some smaller versions of those for the personal grower!
  12. Looks good! enjoy
  13. My 5 bag set cost like $80 bucks delivered. I didnt think it was too expensive and you end up with a better product simply because you can strain it better, geting a purer end product - but to each his own. The green part in there Edward is a lot of leaf matter, which by rights you dont want in with your hash...

    but good Luck Edward! glad to see you making the effort!

  14. Hey thanks a lot for the reply bra. I really only like to smoke it when i run out of weed haha. I have an ocd thing when it comes to smoking my hash. But after just harvesting two plants and harvesting another tomorrow i should have enough weed for awhile.

    Yes this is very inexpensive. You need trimmings, if you can get quality trimmings you will get much better hash, and prolly more of it too. But after that put your trim into a pickle jar or some jar of that size. Then put 5 ice cubes in it. After you do that put enough ice water in it to make it nice and spongy.

    After that put the top on the jar nice and tight then shake the shit out of it for 5 minutes. A better way is get an egg beater and use that. The thing you want to do is get all of the trichomes off the trimmings. So do the eggbeating method for a couple minutes.

    Once you have done that put the jar of trimmings in the fridge for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes take it out of the fridge and put all of it in a ziplock bag. Before you put it in the bag get a knife or something and poke a hole in the corner of the bag to allow liquid to flow through. Once all the trimmings is in the bag, simply squeeze all of the liquid through a pretty thin metal strainer over a rubbermaid bowl. If you are going to do this tell me and i will send you a link of what kind of strainer im talking about.

    So once you strain the liquid into the bowl have another bowl ready and put the metal strainer over the empty bowl and put the coffee filter on top of the metal strainer, then pour the liquid from the first bowl into the coffee filter that is over the strainer and bowl. It takes a pretty long time for all the liquid to strian through the coffee filter but after all of it has filtered through you should have a pretty nice ball of hash at the bottom, depending on the quality of your trimmings.

    I hope i didnt type all of this for nothing haha. Peace
  15. Thanks for the reply. Ya i really am impressed by some of the hash ppl get using the bubble bags on youtube. If i was growin more than two plants at a time i definately would have bubble bags. Peace
  16. If the hash is more of a black color is that better. Or would it be better if it was more of a lighter beige color.

    Also how do you guys smoke your hash. I use a bong but should i just use my pipe to get the flavor of the hash. Thanks, Peace.

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