pics of my 4 month olds

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  1. yo, the first pics are at two months old and the other pics are at 4 months old i had 6 plants and they were all female but since i did not have enough room i threw 1 away i couldnt put it outside b/c i have 3 fucking cops that live in my neighborhood that bitch about EVERYTHING let me know what u guys think

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  2. the one in my hand is one i didnt have enough room for

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  3. any comments or questions is much appreciated thanks a lot

    peace out,

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  4. Bloody hell...
    You have growing skills, that's all I have to say.
  5. thats nuts man
  6. hey thanks a lot eyes and toker here are some pics from today they got a lot bigger from 3 days ago. i will update when i have free time peace

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  7. If your really in FL. how are you able to control the temp in the attic like that? I am in the north and my attic is in the 90's every day.

    Great job and thanks for the pic's thy inspire us all :)
  8. Nice plants!
  9. hey viking i opened a little hole in the big air condition tube thingy and i taped a smaller tube thingy and ran it next to the plants so around the plants its pretty cool and there are a few fans throughout the room i also run my light at night 730p.m to 730a.m the highest it ever gets is around 95 according to my digital thermomitor. are u in north Fla or northern USA?
  10. The AC only blows through the extra duct you created when the thermostat in the apartment/house kicks on. Unless your AC runs constantly it would still seem that the periods when the AC was not on would be really hot. Surprised the plants are doing so well. Cheers to your continued success.
  11. new pics that is the air vent thingy i was talking about toke it is like on the plants pretty much

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  12. nice grow :D how long have they been flowering or arent they on 12/12
  13. yea its around six weeks now vegged for like 3 months i dont count there time
  14. 6 weeks????????? something is wrong dude, buds should be huge and almost ready to harvest in 2 weeks, they look like they only now starting to bud out.

    Are you sure your giving it 100% darkess for 12 hours?
  15. i thought something was messed up yea it is very dark in the room but the power has gone out 4 times since 12/12 was started and this messed up my timer a lot do you think that is what is causing them to take such a long time to bud? and how much light could mess up the dark cycle b/c there is a glowing pvc pipe next to my plants
  16. Hmmmm.. let's summarize :

    a. Dark isn't dark because of your PVC pipe with nuclear waste products
    b. 12/12 more like 12/20 because of 'technical issues'

    You better make sure you :

    a. Coat that PVC pipe with thick lead (black paint may be more appropriate)
    b. Have no more brown-outs in the grow room (kinda makes me wonder what happens to the temps when the power fails, again (and thus the AC and any ventilation you may have))

    Unless you want the flowering to take the rest of this year, you better get this stuff straight.
  17. LOL glowing PVC pipe...
  18. ok i fixed the pipe and i put up four walls around the sticks with hairs with a little entrance door so no more light should touch the sticks with hairs. would you guys say it would be another 5-6 weeks b4 i can think about harvesting?
  19. new pics of flower like 7 weeks or so they are now 5 feet

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  20. As a rule of the thumb, people harvest when 50-70% of the pistil hairs has gone from white to amber.

    This should take from 6-12 weeks normally depending on your grow type.
    I'm not so sure what your intentions are with the 'walls aroun the sticks with hair'.....

    Sounds like you're building a box around the plants because there are more light leaks then just the tube.

    Let me stress this : darkness should be absolute darkness. Can't see your hand in front of your face kind of darkness.

    Also, don't interrupt the dark cycle for a peekaboo or busted timers messing up the day/night cycle. This will stress the plant and will delay flowering or produce smaller less buds.

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