pics of fresh cut buds

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  1. damn dier looking spicy

    doe zo voort :)
  2. doe zo voort

    What does that mean?!?:confused:
  3. Hashberry from Mandala seeds at day 25.. Still some time to go, but crystal content for 25 is very nice.. A little hash berry for sure:smoking:

    One of my favorite strains I got going is Durban posion x skunk.. Leaves are a dark green almost has a bluish tint to it.. pink/purple pistals, and a taste to die for.. Like sweet pip tobacco.. Got this as a freebie in my seed
    order. pic is from only day 18 flower
  4. Damn, you are one amazing photographer.
  5. Postman.. I am growing that strain right now (DP X Skunk 1) .. THey are about 5 days in flower.. I was wondering how the smoke/yield was for your indoor plants THey are abouut 18" tall and a foot or so wide. I have 2 of them..
  6. I kept my plant short, and used fim & lst on her. I thought with Durban being sativa I'd get more of a stretch out of her, but I had durban all wrong.. She stayed short/squat and flowered up pretty quick with compact buds. Dark green thick fleshy leaves. I got the pink/purple pistals from the first week in flower.. Does yours have colored pistals like that?? This is the only plant I grew out from my free pack, and I'm wondering if the color is common or not? Right now I'm working with clones of her, and I got it pretty dialed in.. This rounds buds should be much nicer. I harvested 44 dry grams from her last round.

    I flowered under a 250 hps, and had some tube fluorescents as well. I gave a little of a smoke report here in my journal.

    pics of last grows durban posion x skunk.. I'm workin with clones of her now
  7. I'm only 5 days into flower so I'm not seeing pinl/purple hairs yet.. Gimme some time and I'll report back when they get older. 44 grams from one lst'd plant undedr 250W HPS? Sounds good to me.. I have 400W HPS and 400WMH Hortilux.. I HOPE THEY ARE AS PINK AS YOURS, haha..
  8. Yeah be sure to report back. I got 16 seeds saved, and a small grow area. I'd like to get my other strains going, but I'd HATE to loose this pink/purple pheno forever if I kill it off, and use the space eventually.. I got to look into keeping bonsai mommas. For right now it will stay until I find something better.

    close to two ounces first round. Although I harvested almost what looked double off my other plant the dp x skunk was very chunky, and a lot more heavier (less fluffy) then the other plant I harvested slong with it. I had a bit more then 250 watts.. in the fixture was actually a sonagro 270 hps (more blue spectrum) and the few fluorescents I used to light the out of the way areas.

    This round I have the same 270, but I added two 85 watt 4,200 lumen warm/cool cfls, and a few smaller 35 watters, and it seems to be a bit ahead of last round in the bud/crystal production. I'm actually waiting on a 400 conversion myself.. Hopefully I can get it in there today, an get them under a 400 for the remainder of the grow.
  9. Nice pics Postman!.... try a shot with flash on even if there is plenty of light in the room, will create an image such as mine with black background.
  10. LOL, its Dutch, and can be translated 2 ways, directly (do this way) and if you know dutch it would simply mean something along the lines like (Continue On, or Carry On)

    In other words he is telling me "Great job/work, continue as im doing"

  11. Thanks DierWolf. You know most of them are taken with the flash on anyway. For some reason when I take a pic with the flash off I have to be TOTALLY still or else it blurrs. It just that some of these pics have so much light in the forground the flash doesn't really do anything.

    These are few nice shots I took today of the pink durban posion x skunk. The other bud is either northern light or c99 x blueberry.. I had a big time stoner mistake when I transplanting them as seedlings:p . At first I thought northern lights, but now the calyxes are covered in trichomes it gives them a bluish tint. I also got a wiff of a fresh blueberry when i rubbed the stem.. ot like sweet candy blueberry, but fresh wild blueberries. Anyone grow northern lights, and get any that looked similiar to the bud in the second picture?? looks a bit sativa for northern lights I thought.. But I know NL is actually a hybrid so you knows.

    possibly either northern lights or c99 x blueberry
  12. Are you sure your depressing the button 1/2 way first so it autofocus' and locks the focus before depressing it all the way??

    believe you have to go in Scene Mode with Macro and use flash and the background will be black.
  13. Some Freshly cut and Dried Buds

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  14. Damn Dier thats some dank ass lookin bud. Wish I could smell it!

  15. Nice buds dier.. What strain is that?? I took two of your suggestions and got both PPP, and purple tops.. Was your purple tops purple, or does it seem like pt needs colder temps to change like some other purp strains? Could you describe the high/potency, and smell/taste for us? Well, for me anyway since I got a ppp going now:hello: .. LOL. Purple tops will have to wait till next round cause my clones are taking off and doing wondrefully, and will be ready by the time what i got going now finishes. I just got a 400mh, and I'm excited to try from seed under the mh. i think I'll flower up my clones first, and then run a round of just Wonder Diesel (Williams Wonder x East Coast Sour Deisel by Rez) purple tops, and PPP..

    I started a seed of ppp right along with my clones for next round.. I like to take a gamble like that once in a while:D . Hey for the sake of variety you know...

    You can see the ppp in the back of this pic of my clones.. It's the one in the BIG pot.. Looks a bit indica huh??
    oh and a pretty picture for the topic.. This is my c99 x blueberry & Hashberry bud shots at 4 weeks flower.. Within the last two nights it looks as if it stated snowing, or some poured sugar in my closet.
    c99 x blueberry.. Cindarella Blues
    Hashberry from Mandala seeds
    Ice from female seeds. Ice is at 4 weeks, but she is leaning very sativa in growth pattern, and I suspect her to go at least 9
  16. GORGEOUS flowers they smell wonderful too.
  17. blue mystic, they're only about 2 weeks in flowering

    white widow, same flowering point
  18. hey I have been having a hell of a time trying to grow weed, i'd soooo appreciate some seeds and any help in growing them.... mine have always died after like 2 weeks max.
  19. random bagseed (1st grow) :(


  20. u guys weed makes my mouth water.

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