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  1. some pics from our recent trip to Edinburgh......Peace out....Sid

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  2. pic 2

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  3. pic 3

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  4. pic 4....William Wallace

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  5. Robert the Bruce

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  6. Good looking pics Sid.

    I like stone work like that.. I wish everything i owned had stone work like that!
  7. I love it when you do this!!! I just woke up and my Sunday has already been brightened by picture sharing!!! :)

    Those are great and I love the statue of William Wallace.

    I hope you had a great time there!
  8. Cool man makes me want to watch Braveheart again..
  9. Makes me want to travel. But, of course, an 18-year old student doesn't have the mony to travel for fun. Maybe I'll just buy more books. Anyways, Sid, you're a blacksmith, right? What sort of goods do you make? Swords or stuff that requires less time and dedication--not that I knocking you if you don't because I know I couldn't make shit. I'm kinda just asking random questions here, but I'm fascinated with medival life, arms, etc. Loved castles since I was about four, and everything else related soon after.
  10. sure that we've got our new power hammer, it makes life a hell of a lot easier, however some swords are really cheap to buy, but they are not well made.....bad metal and made in India.....i'm gonna make a trip soon to Sterling castle, where Wallace is buried.....his sword is on display's something like 5' long.....Mel Gibson does the impossible in the pulls the sword, out of it's sheath and straight over his head......Mel is approx 4'10.....the sword is bigger than him, and he'd have needed to lift it approx 4' straight up, before it would clear the sheath..........what they actually done was to have the sword going diagnally across there backs.....and a rope attached to the top of the sheath and one at the bottom......kinda like putting on one of those rucksacks with one strap, and have a return from the bottom up to there when they pulled the cord, it came free from a nought at the bottom of the sheath, and then the sheath would come off........these guys could swing a claymore with one hand, not like the 2 it is designed for, which meant that on the other hand they had a shield high up on one arm and in that fist was a knife called a's approx 12-16" long......the point of this being, when someone swung there sword at you, you could block it with the shield and stab them in the guts with the dirk....nasty i know!....but that was just the way it was back then.....i look around at all the land owned still by the heads of the clans, and think....the only reason you own that land is that your forfathers killed someone for it, or killed people to defend it.......Peace out.....Sid
  11. Yeah man, the Picts rule. Are you fully modernized, or do you still do most work by hand? Any employees? Sorry Sid, I'm just full of questions today, I just don't know that much about the whole smithy thing, and I want to write fantasy, possibly with a character (at least somewhere down the line) who is an apprentice to a master smith, you know, the medival sort. If you know of any books on the craft, the old ways of doing it, I'd be much obliged if you could point me towards them.
  12. we're fully modernised and employ 3 people, i currently have one can still do it the old fashioned way if needed but these hammers are so good now that i can close a matchbox under one......and they do give approx 180 blows per minute...that's like 2.5 every second...but the perfection of it is still done with the hand for books on it, i have a few in the workshop i can get the names of if you want....i'm a blacksmith, but to perfect the art of swordmaking you'd be looking for books by bladesmiths...i have a few of them as well if you want the names of them as may also find this link handy that's the British Artist Blacksmith Association they are the leading organisation in the U.K. or;siteid=81 you'll find lots of good info there.....Peace out.....Sid
  13. that is tight dude. i have scottish blood in me. Fraser. stuff like this has always interested me.
  14. nice dude..look like a fun place to go....thanks....peace....MrSbb
  15. Thanks man. You're a damn fine man.
  16. Sorry, submitted too early there. I'd love it if you would identify some books for me.
  17. HIGH All, yup have to hit that great land of yours one decade sidious.
    Blacksmith eh!! We have All sorts of the working class here.

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