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Pics of dealer's new dankness, get some?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by steampunktripod, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. #1 steampunktripod, Feb 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2009
    He picked up a bunch of some new strain, pot o gold i believe. Lets me take pictures for him,
    cuz i can get better ones that he can (prob cuz he's too stoned to hold camera still, but w/e)

    Going for 60/8th, Thinking i'ma have to get some of this stuff, eh?

    One bud:

    The full half O he brought over:
  2. Looks good. Steep price but it looks like top shelf buddage.
  3. It looks great
    I see a seed
    grow it
  4. I think this captures the trichs better

  5. If its got seeds bud an 1/8 and grow it!
  6. looks legit man. those stems are pretty big imo... maybe their just a bit bigger than i usually see idk. But yeah man id deff pick some of it up. Whats it smell like
  7. looks like regular dank thats overpriced

  8. The smell is really nice,a little skunky. The sort of thing that would smell nice to someone who doesnt' even smoke (not true for many strains xD)
    Makes you do a little moan and eyeroll

  9. for here, that's the normal price. Good dank is hard to come by in Sarasota, and I used to pay 60 for what was barely better than mids. (which is why i just bought mids after a while)

    So i can't complain. And my guy gets it from cali, So no surprise it costs him more.
  10. Nice lookin buds man.
  11. Buy some and give it a try.

    I expect a full smoke report come Monday morning.

  12. haha, this is your homework for the weekend. Smoke those buds and give us a FULL SMOKE REPORT
  13. And I'll give extra credit to whomever can tell me what the word 'kief' means in what language.

  14. I had some pot o gold the other day. It didn't have any seeds though and it was dank as fuck. I've had a lot of new strains lately now that I think about it.

  15. I believe kief in arab means: How are you?
  16. Close but not quite, though it is used as part of a traditional greeting.

  17. Hello, how are you? lol
  18. 'Peace'

  19. aww damn. Thats kool though
  20. oh, one seed in the whole thing, cmon. Not like they hurt quality.

    and nice irrelevant 'kief' argument guys.

    I'll be for sure smoking before monday, so i'll have it in by then.

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