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Pics of clones and seedlings

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Dr Suess, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Hi everybody,i have been reading articles on this site for a while and i thought i should join up.
    These are some pics of my clones and some seedlings,bubblicious are the clones[the ones in the middle and the one by itself] and blueberry are the seedlings,also i have australian blue in the there which i have never grown so ill be interested to see how they come out.The clones i took was from an outdoor plant and they took almost 3 weeks to take root after taking proper care with them.They will be raised indoors now but i wanted to know if anybody knew why they took so long and will they be affected in anyway,they seem healthy enough though.Any ideas and comments would be good... DR Suess

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  2. Looks good. 3 weeks is a little long, you said you took them from an outdoor plant, so maybe that has something to do with it...at any rate they look ok so I wouldnt worry.
    That Bubblicious is going to be sweet.
  3. thanks for your reply Davy,yeah im not to worried i just thought that the rate of growth maybe stunted in them.Ill be watching them closely.The bubblicious came from a monstrous mother with very large buds on her,the problem was the pot was so strong everybody who smoked it passed out shortly after smoking it.It seems it was more a medicinal smoke perhaps. Dr Suess
  4. Nice pictures dude, my Lsd clones have been taking a while to start growing too. Might just be some strains as my others seem to root much faster. You gotta do a journal with that Blueberry, I just love it.
  5. That i shall do..I posted pics of the mother of those 2 which is 4 weeks into flower now. :wave: Cheers Suess

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