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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by sidious, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. well i just thought i'd get round to posting the pics of my holiday to was great and the drink and cigs are dirt cheap....i even brought back a box of "Punch" cuban cigars.....25 of them for £20.......the same box in France duty free was 300 euros, i don't even want to think what price they'd be in the u.k.!!......mmmm they smell amazing and taste just as good.

    the pics are taken from Pas De La Casa, in the Pyranees mountains at a height of approx 6,500m from sea level.....Peace out....Sid
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  5. last of the boys after having a huge mexican....being forced to down a pint of 1664, which is a very gasy out....Sid

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  6. Beautifull. I love pics like that. I just don't want to be there!
  7. you not like the snow bud head?.....Peace out.....Sid
  8. went snowboarding in andorra, fucking amazing, i stayed in arinsol.
  9. Hey sidious have you rolled any fat ass blunts with one of those cuban's.. :smoke::smoking::D
  10. cuban cigars are completely handrolled so i dont think they have the inner wrap that the cheapies have..... anyway it would be a waste of a good cuban to discover if it has it or not
    i still have one i brought back from cozumel savin for a special occasion
  11. nope....but i have smoked one and it was smooth......the used to say that cubans are hand rolled on the inner thing of a virgin cuban girl! makes it taste even out....Sid
  12. bravo sid! nice pics...i would def like to go snowboarding there, from the looks of it. wish i was in europe right now. oh well...
  13. Beautiful pics. The one of dude is pretty cool, too!!!
  14. snowboarding is my favorite thing besides weed!!!
    andorra looks like some nice riding..... im countin down though, 11 days and counting til my spring break trip to whistler BC
  15. you lucky git....i've allways wanted to go to Whistler....:( i'll get there eventually.....have you been before......mmmmmall that powder, i can hear my big board shouting at out....Sid

  16. thats gorgeous, im used to boarding in upstate ny and vermont....that looks so much nicer, hope you had a great time...
  17. Those would be nice postcards!
  18. yes it's all mountainous......and Belle and Sebastian stay approx 25 miles from me.....Peace out....Sid

    ps seen them a few times....they're brilliant.....
  19. heh heh dam that dude looks fucked up

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