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*PICS* Need some help, did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NonPoly, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. #1 NonPoly, Sep 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2009
    I guess I did, idk you tell me:

    I payed this dude $30 for 2 grams of some apparently really high grade weed.

    It came all ground up in a little bag, I didnt have time to check it so I just left.



    BTW I'm living in Eastern PA (Northampton/Lehigh area)

    So how much does it look like, and does it look any good?
  2. i dunno, a picture would help,

    30 for 2 gs is what i used to pay back home...but ive moved to better prices...but anyways

    a pic would help alot....just roll a few jays...if it rolls into round 6 normal jays it should be round there.... each .3 ...but thats common sense

  3. theres pics :confused:
  4. Upload the picture to the forums, we can't see pictures from your gmail.

  5. i dont see any pics
  6. 1) There's no picture
    2) We can't know if you got ripped off or not unless you tell us what region/state you're in. That could be a wonderful deal in some places and a terrible deal is others
  7. sorry man i dont think thats say bout 1g

  8. quality?
  9. yeah that definitely doesn't look like 2 grams or good...sorry dude
  10. Yeah that doesnt really look like 2gs... Maybe 1g or a little more.

    Sorry man, I definitely wouldn't buy from that guy again
  11. its not as brown as it looks in the pics, the lighting makes it look a bit worse.
    its supposed to be really good if it isnt ill be stealing his $400 bong for fucking with me.
  12. That looks like anywhere between 0.8 and 1.2g. It also looks like mids but when it's grinded up its hard to tell unless you get a close up macro shot.

    I think you got ripped to be honest. You should have got a picture of the bud before it was grinded though - and never buy grinded bud, as it can look like much more, or much less than it actually is.
  13. Not 2gs, maybe one. Nothin you can do about it but shake it off. The quality of it dosnt look too good, but it will get you high

  14. Probably not a smart move. There's a thing called word of mouth and blacklisting, you know.

    Best bet is to just not buy from him again, or read up before you go around buying from everyone who has weed. Just a thought.
  15. its really hard to tell with ground up bud....but judging with the pics id say mids

    but smoke it and find out :p...if ya get blazed thats great...shit happens..just don't let it happen again
  16. ya dog i see the pics u got ripped like a mofo dosent even look like a gram in the picture lol...damn
  17. definatly not 2 grams. hope u didnt buy it already ground up lol.
  18. i would never pay that much money for that much weed
  19. Stealing his $400 bong?

    Dude, you got ripped off $15. If you knew your shit, you shouldn't have bought it. It's people like you that give the black market weed community a bad name.
  20. yeah you got jewed

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