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  1. Hello,

    I was hoping to get your opinion on harvesting my crop. I'm currently in the 8th week of flower for 6 plants with similar harvest times, 7-9 weeks. I've grown them outdoors under a 6x8 greenhouse in 5 gallon fabric pots. I think they can go an additional week or maybe longer, however I recently found caterpillars and a few sugar leaves starting to discolor. After looking inside I saw the bastard's poop trails on some bud which may be causing some bud rot. Given this, I don't want to risk further bud rot and want to harvest as soon as tomorrow. I already flushed 10 days ago and stopped watering 2 days ago. My plan was to cut out any bud rot, then do a bud wash 3 buckets of lemon juice/ baking soda water mix, and two water buckets. For the branches that I cut out any bud rot or had more caterpillar poop trails, I would dip these in a bucket of hydrogen peroxide and water mix as well. That was my plan.

    Curious to hear your thoughts if I'd be ok harvesting as soon as tomorrow. I also prefer more of a head high which I read that an early harvest where there are less amber trichs and more milky trichs would help with thatn. In any case, I included a pic of trichs and buds for each of my 6 plants below. I really appreciate your feedback on this. thanks!

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  2. The buds in the first and last pic look ready to me.
  3. thanks
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  4. I'd say let them be for a few more weeks. Let them get like 70% milky Cuz right now theyre mostly clear as far as I can tell. ☮️

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