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[PICS] my friend sells me he a good one? :P

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by svr_2008, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. He says it's high-grade stuff, and I won't be able to smoke it until tomorrow. I'm just wondering, is he a good friend or is he lying? I don't know much about strains and dank so I don't know when I have schwag or when I have kush...

    I got this stuff for 10$/g, and the pics are not macro really...they're from my 3megapixel iphone camera so it might not be accurate, but hey, anything's helpful. As you can see it's kind of dark green and it has a lot of orange hairs, and has crystals if you look at it near light. Any help appreciated, thanks! :wave:

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  2. Yeah man, $10 a G I'de pay for that. Looks like some beasters. What area are you in?
  3. In the Toronto area.

    Sorry about this noob question, but where are beasters on a 1-10 scale of potency? Thanks :)
  4. By the looks of it, it looks fairly good. Not dank but high middies. I would definitely pay $10 for that.
  5. Ohhhh of course! :rolleyes: Another lucky Canadian.

    I hear $10 a G of dank is standard there. Here in Illinois I'm paying double that, it really sucks. Anyway, this is about how the potency ratings go:

    Dirt - Schwagg/brick weed - Regs/mids - Beasters - Dank - Exotic

    I'll give most beasters about a 7/10. Still gets me blazed, though not quite to the point of what some dank or exotic weed could do for me.
  6. About 6 to 8.
  7. Yeah that's good bud, not really high-grade, per say, but I pay 20/g in GA so you did well. Enjoy it!
  8. If you hadn't said you lived anywhere in Canada I'd say that's a good deal but in Canada you should be getting the dankest of dank for 10$/G. I'd pay 5-7.50 tops for that. But hey if it gets you high and you're satisfied what's there to complain about ?
  9. Actually in canada the dankest of the dank goes for 15 a gram. 50 an eighth, 90 a q and so on.

    For 10 a g you should be getting some very nice local grown sinsemilla.

    china bud is around 5 a gram and its what a us citizen would call mids.
  10. another canadian! :D
    i'd definately pay $10 for that, doesnt look like dank but more of high mids
  11. definitely looks like good mids that will get u pretty high, $10 a g is a bargain. Good friend haha
  12. a bit off topic.. but around here, mids are buds that either a) are bricked but still fairly nice hopefully hairy OR b) have no hairs, just look like green buds.

    Soooo people think this guy has high mids? I'd call it low dank

    EDIT: this is in the states I can see that Canada would be different.. lucky bastards
  13. my ass this is high middies i get shit like this in North NC for 5 a nick.
  14. this sentence doesn't even make sense to me... are you trying to say its worse? and a nick is obviously 5; how many grams...? lol. Or I guess how many parts of a gram
  15. Its good bud, but not kush. Its some mids or dro (ethier way its beasters). And for 10 a g, it is a solid price.

    Real Kush is always 20 for a G, and real kush goes for 375-420 a oz. Depends on area, quality and if/ if not you are well connected.

    And really man, strains are just hype names. Mainline bud is regs, mids, dro, kush. They all have different names because of the areas they come from.

    But usually kush is kush, distinctive in smell and looks. But the best grown kush they'll call OG Kush, or Master Kush.

    Strains depend on the grow op.
  16. looks good to be :) check out my pick ups

  17. In Regina, Sask 'dankest of the dank' from Nelson, BC can go for 65 a quarter or 200 an ounce. If your ever in Regina all you need to do for bud is find Vintage Vinyl (a headshop) and look for someone between age of 18-30ish because like 90% smoke pot.. and just bring it up but don't try and use them for it, try and become buds with him that way u have a connect whenever u visit again. Ask if they have decent prices and if it's Nelson bud. If it's Nelson bud your in for a fucking treat man. :D:smoke: Come visit us sometime
  18. Yeah exact same prices here. Most a Q would go for is 70 and the highest O I've seen was 220.
  19. Pretty good hookup, definetly some beasters

  20. i was going to post that BC bud would own saskatoon bud, but then i was like oh wait, nelson is in BC

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