PICS* Is this nute burn? Deficiency? Help!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Ignatz451, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Anyone know what this is?

    I checked pics online, but I can't tell if it's over-nuting, or maybe a potassium or Magnesium deficiency?

    Maybe a ph problem?

    *Sorry the pic is so blurry, low lighting in here, it's the best one I took.

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  2. So you show a picture of 1 leaf and ask for about type of soil, nutes, hydro, strain, plant state, light, humidity, temperature etc etc etc etc...
  3. Apologies... Every tutorial I've ever seen has the picture of one leaf with a particular deficiency on it, with no other information. I thought taking a pic of the one leaf with the best representation of the problem, (rusty edges/tips of the leaf) would be enough.

    It's had this problem since the 3rd week of flowering.

    Anyway, it's FF soil using FF nutes/solubles and 1 Tbsp molasses per gallon, fed every other watering per FF feeding schedule, unknown bagseed, flowered under 366 watts 2700K cfl's, in its 7th week of flowering, humidity 55%, temps 74-84F, rest of the plant looks healthy, and if it weren't for these leaves getting brown around the edges, the plant is fine.

    I've had this happen on a few plants before, but have always just flushed-em good and rode them out to harvest with no problems.

    I'd like to know what it is, though, so as to avoid it in the future.

    I want my plants to be happy!
  4. Here's a better pic...

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  5. From what I did research on, the fan leaves are supposed to yellow and die off during flowering

  6. Yes, but this looks more like a burn/deficiency of some kind. Yellowing leaves in flowering tend to look like Nitrogen deficiency, without the burnt/rusty-looking leaf edges.

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