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  1. What's up everyone! I'm just chillin passin some time so imma share a few pics and information from my first grow. I will also upload some pics of the Bud the seed came from. I did have 2 going but a lack of light killed one of em :frown: but it's cool, things happen on anyone's first few attempts on anything really. What I learned was if your gonna use CFL's you might as well get these LED Bright Stiks that I found out work like CFL's but you can have them further away. I used CFL's for my plant's entire life cycle. I also used some soil that I wouldn't recommend for cannabis. I fucked up from the beginning too by using Miracle Gro as a starter soil, then put it in Ecoscraps Organic Forest Compost. It sounds good but there is a high bark content and after a few waters it gets SO dense. Like the soil in a forest around the Appalachian Mountains. Almost like clay. All that plus Miracle Gro nutrients put it thru a lot of stress in vegetation. Again, it was my very first grow lol and had no idea what I was doing. But thru the flowering stage it recovered fairly well, only to end up being a male. I was still proud of him tho. He was one tough Sativa and a survivor for sure. I also learned a lot from a male cannabis plant. Like how the pollen sacs form and actually got an idea on how to pollinate to breed strains. I enjoyed the experience. Now I'm doing a journal for my current/second grow and you'll definitely be able to see my improvements! Well, here's the pics!

    After extensive research I came to the conclusion it was a Sativa dominate Bubblicious phenotype...
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  2. Wonderful looking male.

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  3. Thank you! I kinda wanna grow a few males and try to make the wood into building material cuz males got some real strong bark compared to females is what I recently found out
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