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    Gets fed water with 15-30-15 solution twice a week and water without solution twice a week. alternating every two days. Lighting is hps don't know the power and it stays on for about 12hrs a day

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  2. really severe nitrogen overload and nute burn. You need to flush the plants with RO water, or at the least tap water for 3-5 days, at a minimum.
    what is the pH of your water/nute solutions? are you in soil or hydro? what type of nutes? what's the temp in that space? should keep it in the mid 70's
  3. flush with tap water? What does this mean? It is in soil. The pH I don't know, I just use the mixture ratios recommended on the box the food came in. It is the only plant out of 4 that this is happening to so drastically. The rest only have it mildly.... browning on the tips of leaves and such
  4. also does that look ready to harvest? There are no white hairs really on the top but there are some in other flowering locations.
  5. flush means to only water with straight water, no nutes added. If you don't have RO (reverse osmosis) water then use the water out of the sink faucet, that's tap water, or use distilled water. the plant has been overdosed with nutrients and you need to flush those nutes from the soil the plant is in if you want to save it.
  6. oh ok thanks alot! You may have figured out that this is my first grow and I know nothing about this whole thing so while I have the attention of an experienced person (I checked out your pics) I have some other questions!

    1) I read that it is time to harvest when there are no more white hairs. My plants and that one in particular have no more white hairs on the top nug, but the nugs along the stem and at the ends of some of the branches still have white hairs. Should I wait to harvest or should I cut the top off?

    2) A couple of my plants are really bushy, Should I trim off the branches without buds on them? Especially because I only have a month and a half before I have to move and shut this whole thing down.
  7. the way to check if it's ready for harvest is to use a 60x-100x magnifying scope, you look for cloudy trichromes on the bud. If you don't have a scope then the best bet is to count the weeks you've had the plant in 12/12 flowering light. Most typical strains grow to complete flower at 7 to 8 weeks.

    yep you can trim off the excess branches if they don't have any buds, they are just using up the plants energy.

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