Pics included brown spots on flowering plant

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  1. hey guys i have a plant thats almost 7 weeks into flowering and the fan leaves are starting to get brown spots on them , is this normal, because i thought the fan leaves were eventually suppose to turn yellow and die at the end of flowering thanks guys

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  2. IMHO it looks like too much water/fertilizer.
  3. possible boron def going on, since it looks like it is moving from inner to outer leaf, and from bottom up.
  4. what is boron , and i stopped giving it nutes 2 weeks ago
  5. you only stop giving it nutes 2 weeks before expected no is when u were supposed to be havesting anyways...
  6. yeah i stopped givin it nutes a weeek early didnt think it would hurt
  7. I would look to a PH problem 1st. PH def will lock out nuts
  8. Boron (B) Micronutrient and Immobile element

    Boron is important when dealing with maturation, pollen germination and seed production. As well as keeping calcium in soluble forms and keeping the stems, stalks, branches strong. Born keeps good color on the leaves and helps produce the plants structure. Boron also aids in cell division and protein formation.

    Boron deficiencies will show up first in younger leaves (they may turn yellow), then moves up the plant. Boron deficiency can resemble calcium deficiency. Stunting, discolouration, possible death of the growing tips, bud abortion and development. The Roots will show a stunted with swollen short secondary roots, leaves distorted, sometimes bronzed or scorched. Tip of the shoot dies; stems and petioles are brittle. Boron deficiency plants are easy to tell, because of the spotting the leaves show like a strawberry mark and or splashes of the marking. Boron-deficiency symptoms first appear at the growing points. They also can show signs of newer growths turning gray and or dying, bud deformed, curling of the leaves which are often spotted and discolored. Newer growths appear to look like they are burnt. They can show signs of hollow stems along with yellowish to brownish color leaves. Dead (Necrotic) spots develop between leaf veins, as well as the leaves becoming thick. The leaves will wilt with necrotic and chlorotic spotting. Boron is poorly absorbed with low potassium content. First signs of the deficiency are abnormal growth tips. Having not enough boron can also invite troubles for fungus problems from the internal tissues to rot away, as well as the root hairs along with them being discolored. To avoid having a Boron deficiency try to keep the ph below 7 and to improve the moisture as well as retaining light soils.

    Too much boron in your plants can produce a lot of problems. The leave tips turn yellow progressing inwards causing the plant to soon die slowly along with leaves dropping a lot.
    Can show same signs as if a magnesium deficiency, but only happens on newer growths. Parts affected by a boron deficiency are: Growing points and young leaves.

    Problems with Boron Being Locked out by PH troubles

    Soil ph under 5.5 or over 6.8, sandy soil, soil with low organic matter and or lack of nitrogen.
  9. wow i never knew about boron that was some helpful info there meat, my soil ph is prolly high around 7.5 but i have ph down comin in the mail, i honestly might think the brown spots might be because of the fan i put in the box to move the air around, the fan i right up close to the plant but i had no other choice, do youguys think it could be from the fan
  10. doubtful, with a ph of 7.5 and I wouldn't go over 7.0 in soil that is probably the issue right there, ph lockout of boron. You can use white vinegar or lemon juice to lower ph values in soil.
  11. Ok, you haven't added nutes in two weeks. The PH is and has probably been to high for quite some time as well. Now you have watered the plants over the two week period and the nutes are washed out as well as,Some nutes being locked out proir to being washed out.
    Your plants will not recover as far as damage done. Only new growth will show health. Just like a cut on a persons skin, the scar will remain.
    You have a couple of choices, one is that you harvest, another is that you bring the PH into compliance and add nutes to a proper level for the age of the plant. Either way bring your PH down as you water. I really don't think you have a true read of your PH level, otherwise this wouldn't of happenned.
    Is there any carmel color when looking at the trichs under 30x magnification? It will not effect the taste of your weed unless you add nutes. The damage is done to the lookof the leaves but, is it ready to harvest? If so go for it!! That's my rec.
  12. yeah i stopped givin it nutes too early, but i def dont wanna start givin it nutes again that will def affect the taste right? Im gonna bring the ph down cuz i have ph down comin in the mail today , i have a cheap ph meter not digital, and the trichs are nice and clear even a few milky ones and june 12 will be exactly 8 weeks, hey thanks for all the help guys

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