PICS !! How long has this got left ?

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  1. 1st plant 1st, been flowering for 6-7 weeks id say.

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  2. it's tough to tell from pics sometimes, but the first pic looks to be really close. if you got a magnifying glass, look at the individual glands and check their ripeness.if a good amount of them are dark you're good to chop(like 50/50). it helps a whole lot in taste to flush em too.saturate the soil completely, then wait 10 mins and soak em good again. the first water dissolves nutrients/salts then the second watering chases that water out. do it every few days in the last 2 weeks.
  3. Wow thanks for the quick reply, I haven't fed it anything but water, B&Q soil and that's it.
  4. You should have feed it some nuts your buds would have been 3x as big
  5. Start of 6th week nuts feed once a week

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  6. What nuts are you using. I have 3 going for about a month just feeding water. What to give it some nuts when I start flowering.
  7. Is that a lowryder strain (Autoflower) ? looks like my harvested Easyryder x AK-47. Looks close to being done. Got check the trics first though ...cloudy to amber is what i like.
  8. This was my first grow so I was keen to keep it simple, I think next grow I will use some fertz when it cones to flowering
  9. Dude check the Trichs with a 60x scope. Wait for 20% of em' to turn amber. Then Wackem down! Happy Harvest, MaxYield
  10. Looks great BTW. DId you top it? If so, what method? FIm? ....
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    if you wanted to get into giving your plants nutrients id start off simple with the fox farm trio.(Grow big, Big Bloom, and Tiger bloom) its like 50 bucks + shipping and theirs a bunch of feeding schedules online. i used them everytime i water and i have fatass plants.=). i mean every other time i water my bad..
  12. Yeah they.have like.good.package deals. Check amazon too. I need

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