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    Heres some pics of my indoor setup. Given to me by a friend befeor he moved, he did not have it on a light schedule or anything.

    So I need some help from my fellow blades.

    Im no grower but it looks like its in a vegatative state if thats what you call it. the light is constantly on so my first question is...

    -What light schedule should I use for this plant.

    Im buying two more lights for it so this is kinda a two part question.

    - I was wondering if that light is the right height above the plant/Where should I put the two additional lights.

    also I know foil and white paper are things I see in many grows so

    -What should I put up on the walls around the shower tile to reflect the light so that the plant can get more light?

    Thanks a lot for any answers and If you have any other tips please throw them my way.
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    see no pics. you can post them through GC if the pic is in your need for imageshack.

    But, if the light was constantly on before, then it IS in veg state, and you can either leave the light on all the time (24/0 schedule - 24light/0dark) or cut it down to 18/6, or whatever you want really. Just know that a 12/12 schedule will MAKE it flower.

    Mylar is best to line walls with. It is super reflective. Aluminum foil is sufficient, flat white paint is good too.
  3. Thanks a lot man, pics are up now.

    I get it now. Just leave it in 24/0 veg state until its the size i want then switch to 12/12 to make it flower.
  4. You can put it on a 18/6 schedule as well, to save some money and give your plant a chance to sleep. How would you like it if it was sunny all the time? hahaha ;)
  5. Nice little plant you have there..

    Get up some mylar, have a cleaner room.

    Do you have a fan for the room?

    Lights could be lowered =P
  6. Don't use those aqua globes, dude. Just water yourself when she tells you to.

    Lights need to be lowered...looks like some kinda of incandescent flood light. That's a no no. Invest in an HID light or grab a bunch of Daylight CFLs.

    Also invest some time (a lot of it) into reading ALL the stickies here on the boards, particularly here in the Beginners and Indoor Grower sections.

    You've got a long way to go before you have the best environment for that lil girl. She's looking awesome now, so keep it up.

    Bear in mind that during the flower period she will double, maybe triple, in size.
  7. thanks I think I will change it to 18/6, gotta save electricity bills lol.

    and Lethargic there is a very little fan, I will upload a pic right now so you can see. I think it needs a better fan. whoo im also from texas.

    anyone know why the leafs look droopy? also should I be fimming/topping this plant?
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    Could be shock from the move or change in light. Or she is thirsty. Stick your finger in the soil about 2", if it's still wet, she doesn't need water. Otherwise, water her.

    If you can mimic your buddies grow setup (if it was a good one) then do it as best you can.

    Fim/Top if you want to. It's up to you...She is a bit tall for it, though. She will stretch like hell and may not be able to support herself in the end, with heavy buds, because she is so lanky.
  9. Ok ill get rid of that aqua globe asap. I guess theres a guide somewhere on here that will tell me how to water my bud plant.

    Ok Im gonna go to walmart and get some CFL's and emergency blankets for Mylar.

    If shes gonna grow that big during flowering then I guess I should start to put her on 12/12 very soon cause that shower isnt gettin any bigger.

    Thank you a ton, Just what I needed, somebody to give me some help since this thing was just dropped on my lap and I wanna do the best I can with it.

    My buddies was exactly the same lol EXACTLY. What could be some other reasons for the drooping? might I need to add some nutrients or something cause I know NOTHING about that.:(

  10. Happy to help, dude. I just edited that post, sorry I was a bit late on that.

    She could need some water. Refer to my edited post.

    BTW, for the CFLs, make sure they are DAYLIGHT spectrum, 5600K temperature (usually in a blue package).

    About nutrients, look around the store. Nutes have a rating of three numbers (#-#-#), which stand for N-P-K nutrients. Need higher P and K for Flower, so look into that if you flower soon. Again, check the stickies. There are a few on nutes.
  11. Thanks for that watering tip. That globe did always seem a little sketchy for me haha.

    Will do on the Daylight spectrum. those should still be avalible at walmart right?

    also I forgot I have this thing. Im not trying to half ass my grow in any way I am just wondering if these lights would be ok for growing with. If not I will not use them.

    Pics are uploading as I speak, really want your opinion on this dragonsfire
  12. What you ware looking for is a 6500k Daylight CFL, not 5600k. I got 4 26w from wally world the other day for about $12 and the light fixtures were like $6. I made a cfl strip though, i'm not sure if this is the same route you want to take...
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    Shit man, I guess I wasn't thinking straight...if you're going to flower immediately, you need to go with SOFT WHITE bulbs...those are best for flower, they have a lower spectrum and plants enjoy that to flower. DAYLIGHT is used for vegetation. I'd grab a set of both, if I were you. Wallyworld will have it all. If you look at an individual bulb's base, it'll have the spectrum temp writtin there (####K)

    LOL, Kevin is right too, about 6500K. Got too much on the mind at the moment. Even 5600K would work,'s still on the blue spectrum, but they are usually sold as 6500K.
  14. heres the lights.



  15. 2700k for flowering
  16. You could use those lights for supplement, but they probably wont do much.
  17. Cool ill toss em in there till I get a ride to walmart for a pack of CFL light bulbs.
    Thanks kevin for the light adivce also.

    I guess I need to pick up a bigger fan at wally world also.
    Didnt expect so much help so quick thanks everyone. ill post up pics of the new setup after my trip to walmart.
  18. Can someone verify that my shopping list is correct

    Emercency blanket made of Mylar -for the walls to reflect light
    6500K CFL lightbulbs - for the Veg state
    2700K CFL lightbulbs - for the Flowering state
    Fan - To keep the stems strong.
  19. Yup sounds good, but the emergency blanket isn't made of mylar, it's just a mylar substitute since that stuff can run you pretty high. Also start looking into nutrients, especially Fox Farm, since that plant is pretty big already and could use some nutes to get it bushy and strong.
  20. dude those lights wont work wasting your time. you need compact flosent lights (daylight spectrum!!!!!!!) it will say on the box. go to home depot lowes or menards will have them. the more light the more watts the better of you are.

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