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Pics From Last night/So good

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by decrimbud, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Ok so as I mentioned in another thread, Me and some homeys went on a trip to Long Island yesterday. We split a quarter 3 ways, and smoked about 4 grams. We had 2 bowls, and a nice Roor with Ashcathcer. I wanted to take alot of nice pictures, but I was way to high so I got what I got. The weed was mad dank, little purple leaves were abundant. Such a nice smoke and a good time.
    What do you guys think of all this? Also how were all of your weekends? Did a wake 'n' bake on the ride home, so I'm still enjoying myself.

    What Happened Last Night
    Ok, after the car ride there we got there at exactly 4:20 and backed a quick bong load to start things off. Then we hit like 3 more bong loads and chilled couch locked until like 6 when we went to Burger king. At BK we are sitting enjoying are food, when a random guy comes in and says anyone own a silver acura MDX with NJ license plates? My friend flips and goes outside to see whats up. I'm like motionless with a whopper in my hand trying to figure it out. The car was about to get towed, but we stopped it. Then we went home, grabbed some weed and a spoon and went to the board walk and toked. Then we went back to the house and watched the NBA dunk contest. Later we ordered pizza, smoked a black and mild, and hit more bong loads. The rest of the night is hazy because I was so high. We all woke up at 5am and hit a bong load and went to sleep again, that was random as hell. We left at 10am because we had to get home for something (so tired). Sorry for that rant, I'm still high hahaha last night was so fun!

    Alright first is all the kief that was in my friends grinder, a packed bowl, the bowl itself, an ashcatcher, the bong on the table, and the cork jar and a nug.

    Attached Files:

  2. lies. no pics

  3. sorry bro, I forgot:smoke:
  4. I like that "nug stash"
  5. cool pics bro
  6. Thats a sick lookin bowl
  7. Where'd y'all go in Long Island?

  8. Uh we went to Long Beach, it's in Nassau I think, I'm not to familiar with Long Island, it's my friends house.
  9. looks like you guys had alot of fun.

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