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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Space alien, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Does any one know how to post pics from I phone.
    Trying to post pics so some one can diagnose my plant.
  2. Plug it in??
  3. No How can I post straight from my phone
  4. U need the app and to press plus sign to add photos ;)
  5. I wouldn't do that, if I recall correctly iPhone records location, date, time, your name, and some other bs in all pictures you take. So if you upload them directly to the interwebs without wiping that information, you're handing god knows who a lot of info.


  6. you can get an app that removes geotag, then just scrub the exif data before uploading.

    FYI - i got an infraction for a gif in my sig.

  7. Hence the name ichode.
    Fuck apple, buy a droid.
  8. The app is awesome and makes uploading really simple, although I'm not worried about geotag because the wonderful state that I'm in. IMO droids are cheap and need replaced more often.
  9. What is the app called
  10. Grasscity lol

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