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  1. Im a medical patient here in the bay area the DEA has shut down four clubs in my city alone luckily neighboring oakland still boasts a handfull of clubs. I visited one club and purchased 6 baby clones which have all been under 400w HPS light for 2 weeks: 4 grapefruit kush (ind), 1 xxx (sat) and 1 purple kush (ind). Im growing them from soil. The purple kush had a growth spurt in the first week of the vegatative phase and is towering over the others as of now. I have been told I should wait for them to reach at least 12 inches before initiating flowering but I also understand clones are as mature as the mothers they came from and can be immediatley throwin into the 12/12 cycle. I dont have a lot of vertical space so i plan to flower earlier than later. 1.Do my clones look prepared to flower? 2.Also the top of the plants are 2 feet away from the light is this to close? 3.Are there any reasons behind the purple kush growth spurt? 4.Most Importantly, what are the top differences in handling and growing clones as opposed to seedlings? Average plant height (6 inches) smallest plant (4 inches) tallest plant (8 inches). 5.Also how much should i expect each plant to yeild if i initiated flowering now? 6.Also are the pots the right size and should i get bigger pots later on?
  2. 1. Yes, Your Clones Could be flowered now and are ready
    2. It will be close when they grow more, but 2 feet is ok (what type of light?)
    3. It may just be an older clone purchased? lol. i duno, certain strains do grow faster.
    4. Clonign must be done in a high humidy dome envirnment, with a clone gel and a rapid rooter cube or such. Its easy, but it must be learned and cloning is better if the clone are BEFORE FLOWER
    5. I would say each plant would make 2 main colas and a couple smaller ones, but um 3 or 4 oz maybe. (dont quote me!)
    6. some people stretch it with pots those size, but i would say bigger on this subject.
  3. Thanks Bro and im using 400w hps
  4. yea, about 2 feet, more if it gets too hot, but im sure youve got a fan blowin around it
  5. yep fan is definetly there thanks again i'll be posting pics in another couple weeks

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