Pics, F'ing TNT kush might be dead

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by edwardvanhalen, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Well here she is, as you can see the veneno is coming up perfect but the tnt kush looks like its on the verge of death.

    I am very upset because the tnt kush wasnt cheap and its supposeded to be really good. Is there a way i can get a hold of their company so they can send me a freen one cuz this is one shit. Peace
    I also added a couple pics of my last harvest if thats ok. Peace

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  2. The 3rd pic is the tnt. Peace
  3. What makes you think it's about to die? Looks like it just broke surface and looks healthy to me.
  4. why do you think its dying. it's just a bit slow :D
    out of my 10: 1 of them spent alot longer shedding its seed (several days)
  5. I once grew an afghan kush ryder that didnt make it and it looked like what the txt kush is doing.Thanks for your reply. Peace
  6. Good that makes me feel better because i was really looking forrward to growing that strain, thanks again. Peace

  7. Well the kush is def dead now I checked it this morning and it pretty much fell over when I watered it. Shit and peace.
  8. ouch. that's unlucky. some seeds just don't pull through. some even struggle to germinate and you have to sandpaper them down a bit.

    good luck on the last remaining lady man

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