PICS! Can't be much longer! Thoughts on when to cut?

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  1. Hello all! :hello:

    Here are my two plants. The first 4 pictures are of Master Kush. The last 4 are Skunk.

    They're on day 49 since I changed the light cycle to 12/12 and put in 2700k bulbs (CFL with one 4' long ballast ~ about 4500 lumens per plant).

    I planted them from seed on February 15. So they're on like day 90 from the beginning. (I think they took a little longer than usual to veg because on my last grow I was able to change to flowering after like 25 days of veg, while in this grow they weren't big enough until like 40 days of veg).

    Anyway, I'm wondering when I can cut them? From the seed bank, they tell me that the Skunk should be done after like 48-56 days of flowering. I grew this Master Kush strain before and I cut it last time on day 63 of flowering (so I imagine she has a bit longer to wait).

    I know it's very much determined by the trichomes. I have been examining them, they're probably only about 35-40% amber colored.

    Thanks for all the advice! Would appreciate any comments!

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  2. There looking very nice, congrats. Give them another week straight water and chop them down, or if you cant wait do it whenever. Either way your going to be pleased they look great. Peace out

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